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Are you moving to a new place, or do you want to deliver something without actually going there?

Moving PODs in Nebraska is an incredible service that you should try on if you haven’t before. PODs make your life so much easier when it comes to moving stuff from one place to another.

If you are not aware of the service or have some questions regarding it, then this article will help you. Read till the end.

What do Moving PODs Represent?

Moving Pod is a rented storage container that can be used to ship or store household goods. The pods are generally made up of steel, metal, or wood and help you avoid harsh weather conditions while moving from one place to another. The service providers pick up the pods from one location and then deliver them to another within a few days, weeks, and months.

There are various shapes and sizes of pods. Hence while looking for the moving containers in Nebraska, ask for the sizes available.

  • Small moving containers – 6'3″ x 7′ x 8'4″; approximately 300 cubic feet storage space), 7′ x 7′ x 8′; approximately 390 cubic feet storage space), and 8'6″ x 7'5″ x 7'8″; approximately 400 cubic feet storage space). These moving containers can hold one room's worth of furniture and boxes and are typically used for small moves such as dorm room moves, studio apartment moves, small load moves, and so on.

  • Moving containers of medium size – 10 ft. containers (10′ x 6'5″ x 6'5″; approximately 450 cubic feet packing space) and 12 ft. containers (12′ x 7'6″ x 8′; approximately 600-700 cubic feet packing space). These moving containers can hold the contents of a two-bedroom house and are most commonly used for local moves.

  • Large moving containers – 15 ft. (15′ x 6'4″ x 6'4″; approximately 700 cubic feet storage space) and 16 ft. (16′ x 8′ x 8′; approximately 900 cubic feet storage space). Large pod containers are ideal for moving 3-4 bedroom homes.

  • The largest container option – the 20 ft. container (19'4″ x 7'10” x 7'8) has approximately 1200 cubic feet of storage space. It is ideal for moving houses with 4-5 bedrooms.

How do PODs help?

Moving PODs (Nebraska) assist the users to save time and efficiently deliver the goods to their destination. If you are still confused about why one should opt for PODs, then here is the list.

  1. Budget-Friendly

PODs save a lot of money as compared to service moving forms. The price of the service differs according to the distance and size of the package. ABC Mobile Storage provides some of the best deals for the same service. Check the official website.

  1. Convenient

You do not have to deal with the boxes, and the service provider takes care of that. All you need to do is pack the item and put it at the pick-up point. It saves time, effort, and money. Because it's only a short walk away, you can quickly move items in and out of it, but it also means you'll have a large container sitting in your driveway or yard, which can be an eyesore.

  1. Easy to Deliver Things During Bad Weather Condition

Since the containers are made up of wood, steel, aluminum, or metal, your belongings will be safe and secure in all weather conditions. PODs provide complete protection due to their superior durability.

Why ABC Mobile Storage?

ABC Mobile Storage is a trusted firm for PODs Nebraska. It has various options for shipping container modification projects: The following points might interest you if you are also looking for such a service.

  • Jobsite Offices

  • Storage Units

  • Retrofitted for Business

  • Personnel Doors

  • Windows

  • Air-Conditioning

  • Plumbing & Restrooms

  • Miniature Homes & So Much More

How Does the POD System Work?

  1. After successfully scheduling your delivery date, you need to pack your belongings within that period.

  2. Make sure you have properly locked the container.

  3. The POD service provider would then send a driver, who picks up the container to the given delivery address. You can also send it for storage and then later ask for delivery.

  4. The hydraulic truck then lifts the container. It also helps to load or unload the stuff.

  5. After successfully delivering the containers, the service provider would pick up the container.

Winding Up!

Hopefully, this article helped you to understand all the essential information regarding the moving PODs in Nebraska. Always do your proper research before hiring any service provider. Check their history and customer feedback. If you want more information regarding the PODs service, then visit the official website of ABC Moving Storage or call on (402) 860-8550.


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