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Like pretty much every other PING driver ever engineered, the G430 SFT is geared for performance.

In this specific model, performance is tailored towards right-handed golfers that tend to miss right off the tee. The G430 SFT features a movable, CG-shifting backweight that can deliver up to 20 yards of correction.

Beyond that, this driver offers SFT, or “Straight-Flight Technology” (hence the name), along with “Spinsistency” that reduces spin and, as the name might suggest, improves consistency.

Naturally, however, these features shine the brightest when this club is paired with an appropriate PING golf driver shaft.

But what might that be? Fortunately, PING has offered some suggestions. These are among the tops in the arena.

PING Alta CB Black 55
The G430 SFT is a large, fairly heavy driver head. As a result – and like other drivers similar to it, like the G430 MAX and G430 Max 10k – it benefits from a shaft that will offset that weight a little.

Namely, the shaft in question is the PING Alta CB Black 55, which features a counterbalanced design to help draw off the weight of the clubhead. The effect is that a G430 SFT outfitted with a PING Alta CB shaft will produce an experience that mimics a lighter swing weight, enabling better handling and faster swinging.

PING Alta Quick
The PING Alta Quick is optimized for players with slightly slower swing speeds, as it produces slightly higher launching profiles that will help generate superior carry distance.

This PING golf driver shaft, then, makes a natural mate for a PING G430 SFT because the driver itself is made with an optimized TS9+ forged face, with variable thickness that generates faster ball speeds for higher ball speeds and carry distance.

That is to say, the driver head will pick up some of the slack, making this shaft an excellent option for players that need a little boost in the way of speed.

Not PING Golf Driver Shafts, but Good
In addition to these PING golf driver shafts, the company also recommends these other optional shafts from other manufacturers.

Mitsubishi Kai’li White
Engineered for players with faster swing speeds and more aggressive tempos, the Mitsubishi Kai’li White delivers low launch and spin profiles and firm tip and midsections for uncompromising performance.

Made with extremely strong MR70 material, with super low-resin content prepreg, and very low-torque ratings, the Kai’li White is the shaft you’ll want to pair with a G430 SFT if you can swing hard and fast.

It may not be the most forgiving shaft, but if you don’t need that extra boost in carry distance, it’s a great option. Paired with a shaft like this a G430 SFT can generate ripping speeds off the tee, along with impressive carry distance.

Last but definitely not least, the Project X HZRDUS Smoke Red RDX is another great shaft for a PING G430 SFT driver.

These lie on the complete opposite end of the spectrum from the Kai’li White, as they generate the highest launch and spin profiles of any shaft in the HZRDUS RDX lineup.

This makes them ideal for players with slower, smoother swing speeds and tempos, yet they are engineered with stiff butt and midsections, with slightly more active tips that can still accommodate faster, more aggressive swings.

Consequently, they are ideal not only for a PING G430 SFT, but for most players that prefer a mid-trajectory.

Not Sure Which of These Shafts Is Right for You?
Each of these shafts could in theory make a good pairing with a PING G430 SFT driver – but not for any golfer.

For that, you’ll want to work with a professional fitter. Don’t guess at such a big investment. Work with a fitter to determine the right PING golf driver shaft for you before you buy.

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