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Cleaning sound from noise is challenging enough. Even the most skilled audio experts fail to achieve good results without the best software. Several software tools are available for this purpose. We have made attempts to help you pick the right program so that restoring audio becomes easy for you. Here are some of the best audio restoration tools that will put your search to an end.

Acon Digital – Restoration Suite

This excellent restoration suite comes with four essential features that are quite effective in audio restoration. These together do a great job of eliminating unnecessary noise and unwanted frequencies. DeClick is a great tool that removes any clicks and pops without affecting the audio quality. DeHum eliminates the noise caused by the singer’s breathing while singing on the mic. DeClip repairs distorted sound audio recordings and makes it worth listening to. It does not work as standalone software; you may need a digital audio workstation to run it. The Acon Digital is available for $99.90. It is available for Windows and Mac.

Cedar Studio 7

Another brilliant program on the list is Cedar Studio 7. It offers powerful features to help you enhance the quality of poor audio recordings. Cedar Studio 7 comes with advanced restoration tools. Auto Dehiss can remove the unwanted noise from audio recordings. DeBuzz can turn the low audio quality into a good one and removes all unpleasant frequencies. DeClick does a great job of eliminating the sound coming from activities around. Decrackle Removes the damaged signal and turns them into good ones. The full bundle costs around $11000.

Sonnox Restore

Sonnox Restore offers useful tools like DeBuzzer, DeClicker, and De-Hisser. Restoring sound with the help of this great plugin is easy enough. It works great with all the digital audio workstations. Declicker removes the unwanted and unnecessary signals that are often recorded unknowingly. Noise reduction technology on Sonnox really works great and eliminates the noise without suppressing the required audio signals. It is available only for Mac. It sells for $465.

iZotope RX 7

When it comes to one of the best and effective audio restoration tools, it is almost difficult to forget iZotope’s RX 7. It offers some advanced tools that you can put to your use to restore the audio recordings. The Declick tool In RX 7 works great and removes all unnecessary frequencies. Even the poorly recorded audio can be enhanced properly using the tool in just a few minutes if you are skilled in using RX 7. The “Denoise” tool on RX 7 presents a graph that displays each frequency as waves. Adjusting frequencies using RX 7 is simple. The best thing about RX 7 is, you can use it as both standalone software and a plugin in your DAW. The “Decrackle” is the most effective tool that can remove the crackling noise caused by mic, signal, and loud frequencies. Surely, it will measure up to your expectations.

Audio restoration is easy with the help of the software tools mentioned above. We have highlighted the features of each program so that you can pick the best one that suits your needs.

Source: Best Programs for Cleaning Sound from Noise

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