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Best Psychiatrist Clinic for mental health in Houston, Texas

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Compass Psychiatry Solutions is dedicated to helping individuals of all ages reach their potential by helping them achieve independence and stability.

Located in the heart of Houston, Texas, our mental health clinic offers the individualized care and attention patients need to begin the healing process. Our experienced, multidisciplinary staff treats each patient as a unique individual.

Our mission is to help our patients achieve a better more productive and successful life, using as a Holistic Approach to treat mental disorders.

Dr. Arianna Suarez Lago

Dr. Arianne Suarez, MD is a child and adolescent psychiatrist, board certified in psychiatry.

Dr. Arianne Suarez was accepted for his Adult General Psychiatry residency training at Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York City. She received top notch training in Depression, Anxiety, PTSD and schizophrenia diagnosis and management in multiple settings.

Dr. Arianne Suarez completed her subspecialty training in child and adolescent psychiatry from Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, Texas. She received excellent training from specialty renowned supervisors in evaluation of treatment of behavioral problems in children. She is well experienced in evaluation and management of ADHD, Eating disorders , Depression, Bipolar disorder, Anxiety and adolescent substance abuse disorders. She is also well trained in use of psychotherapeutic techniques e.g. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Interpersonal therapy, Family therapy, Parent-Child interaction therapy, Dialectical Behavioral therapy.

Our Services

Mental Health

A mental health assessment is a test that determines whether or not a patient is operating at a psychological, social, or developmental level that is healthy.

A mental health exam can assist you in identifying illnesses and connecting with mental health experts who can provide you with the assistance you require.

Compass Psychiatry is a mental health diagnostic centre that serves people of all ages, including seniors and children.

A mental health evaluation can also be used to aid in the diagnosis of certain neurological abnormalities, diseases, or probable substance abuse.

Mental Health Assessment

The first step to effective treatment for mental health issues involves a thorough diagnostic assessment to determine relevant history, biological predispositions, social factors, genetics, presenting issues and physical symptoms that impact life on a daily basis.

Once a detailed assessment is completed, we then discuss options for an individualized treatment plan that makes sense for each person’s unique needs.

Every brain is a unique ‘puzzle’ of genetics (nature), experiences (nurture), physical health, learned responses, personality, trauma/injuries and diseases. Our tests and assessments can sort out the factors that influence how the brain is working, or not working optimally.

We then use this information to create a ‘road map’ of customized recommendations for the most effective and efficient therapy, treatments and medications.

While each assessment entails components specific to its category and to the individual, most assessments include the following:

Individual History

History of the Problem

Family History

Substance Use

Developmental History

Medical History

Social History

Mental Status

Mental Health for Teens

If your teen is struggling, they’re not alone. Many teens and their families are affected by substance abuse and behavioral or mental health issues. We developed our Teen Recovery Program to help teens ages 13 to 17 recognize their challenges while also enhancing family relationships.

Our specialized team employs the most up-to-date evidence-based therapies and approaches to assist teens in living healthy, fulfilling lives.

Psychiatry Services for Teens

In addition to our work with adults, we also work with teens. Adolescence is difficult stressful life stage with its own specific challenges.

Teens can show signs of emotional and/or behavioral problems that affect their social, educational and familiar life. After a thorough evaluation considering biological, psychological and social factors we will arrive to a formal diagnosis that will guide personalized treatment.


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