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Sleeping is very crucial to maintain a healthy lifestyle. But many people fail to take a proper nap because of workloads and many other problems. To make your brain function properly, you need to take appropriate rest. Today, we will share with you some of the best sleep tracking apps to monitor your naps so that you will not fail to maintain your sleep routine.

Sleep Cycle

You can use this app on Android as well on iOS to monitor your sleep routine and your sleeping pattern. This app can track your sleep mode phase, and it can wake you up with an alarm that rings very softly from 5 minutes to 90 minutes until you wake up. This app analyzes your snoring too. This app also provides you with stories to read that can help you fall asleep. You can check your statistics and graphs on it in your daily sleep.

White Noise Lite

This app provides you high-frequency music that reduces your distraction and helps you sleep better. You can also use other apps while using this app, create your professional sounds, and mark your favorite sounds so that you can listen to them whenever you want.


On this app, you can listen to the stories from the famous artist that helps to soothe your brain; you can read articles related to releasing depression and anxiety. This is a fantastic app, and many psychiatrists recommend it to their patients.

Relax Melodies

This is one of the best apps to make you fall asleep quickly. You can listen to stories, melodious music, and sleep moves from the professionals on this app.

Sleep as Android

This is a fantastic app that can track your respiration while you are sleeping and monitor your sleep schedule smartly. It wakes you up very pleasantly. It is integrated with Play Music and Spotify for online music.

Wake Me Up In

This app has a straightforward interface. You don’t even have to set the alarm on this app; just set the duration for how long you want to sleep, and this app will automatically wake you up when you finish your sleep.


This app has some fantastic features; it can record your snoring, sleep talk, or sleep apnea. It has a very advanced algorithm that makes the detailed data of your sleep. This app is available for iOS.


This app can record your snoring every night and help you control your snoring habit. It tracks the pitch of your snore and sends the highlight on your Gmail.

Relax & Sleep Well Hypnosis

This app can help you sleep peacefully. It provides meditation techniques and four free hypnotherapy sessions, which can help you to get relaxed.


This app can help you fight insomnia and will make you healthy at ease. You can listen to various pills on it, which are based on a different state of mind.


This app has a colorful background that makes your mood lighter, and the music on this app is so soothing that it makes you sleep quickly. This app allows you to access it offline. You can choose hundreds of sounds based on your mood.


PrimeNap tracks not only your sleep but also detects your snoring and analyzes the phase of your sleep. You can export the data from this app anywhere, and the best thing about this app is that its alarm starts ringing gradually and wakes you up pleasantly. You can use this app in flight mode too.

Use these apps to get peaceful sleep or nap and make your brain stress free and happy.

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