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Best Solo Microwave Ovens In India are suitable for several mainly re-heating, quick food like tea, coffee, rice, noodles, pasta and for de-frosting. they're much economically priced compared to convection ovens. Here are absolutely the simplest picks.

Samsung 23 L Solo microwave (MS23F301TAK/TL, Black)

Find latest price (Amazon)Best Solo Microwave Ovens In India is globally-renowned brands, Samsung has been dominating the Indian markets for providing long-lasting and quality products. This solo microwave holds the name and fame high.

Foremost the oven flaunts an eclectic design in black. Crafted of chrome steel and glass, it's sturdily built yet lightweight enough to maneuver about and adjust easily on the countertop. Its stylish handle and elegance not only oomphs up the atmosphere but also makes handling easy.

It is a solo microwave with no convection facility. Hence, it's ideal for fewer than reheating, defrosting, and cooking. the primary feature that impresses you is its ceramic enamel cavity. Mixed with its innovative TDS or Triple Distribution System, it facilitates even distribution of warmth and even cooking.The other advantage of the enamel cavity is straightforward cleaning and maintenance. it isn't only scratch resistance but is additionally as easy to wash as a non-stick coating. Moreover, it also offers 99.9% anti-bacterial protection that ensures your food remains healthy and safe within the tiniest amount times.

One of the sole features of this microwave is its food warming capacity. with none over-cooking, the food are often kept warm inside this microwave for extended timespan. Hence, you'll easily prepare food early and keep inside it to be served hot at will.

Another delightful feature is that the Indian recipe feature. it's 16 pre-programmed recipes like grated salmon steaks, rice, green beans, boneless chicken breasts, etc. Thus, regardless of what you're cooking, it becomes a breeze, and you've got got got no fear of food getting burnt or over-cooked.

Defrosting is additionally a relaxed affair. The food gets defrosted fast without getting soggy. It ensures that the taste and thus the nutrition level of the defrosted food aren't compromised. it's four modes to extend your versatility. From cooking to melting butter or chocolate, you'll do all with cool aplomb. you'll even defrost hard food like meat using its power defrost button.Operating the oven is straightforward , due to its intuitive instrument panel comprising of solo and tact buttons and jog dial. They not only offer one-touch operation but also last longer than the quality .

The capacity of the microwave is 23 litres. Hence, you'll effortlessly cook food for 3 to 4 persons at one go. It consumes about 800 watts of energy, which is kind of efficient. it's six power levels to consume minimum energy for various sorts of cooking. As a bonus, it also has an energy-saving mode that you simply simply simply simply simply can activate with the press of a button. This way, the standby power consumption gets reduced, and you save further thereon .

The one-year warranty on the whole unit and thus the Magnetron, and a ten-year warranty on the cavity keeps your investment safe and promises durability.

On the flip side, you'd got to buy another appliance for grilling or baking. Another drawback is that the dark interiors because of dark glass and enamel coating. the within light is additionally dim. Hence, you can't monitor the food without opening the door when being cooked. The starter kit is additionally not included with the merchandise .

Nevertheless, it's one among the sole solo microwave ovens that you simply simply simply simply simply can purchase for your home and use it almost daily with none hassles or concerns.

Bajaj 17 L Solo microwave (1701 MT, White)

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Bajaj 17 litre 1701 MT microwave is yet one more microwave that's basic and quite budget-friendly.

The functions are basic. you'll adjust the temperature between low to high with 5 different power levels. Time are often set between 0 to half-hour within the increment of 12 seconds.With the oven, you'll re-heat, defrost and take up minor cooking. But there are not any auto-cook menus in it.All being said, considering the budget-friendly tag , it's one among the sole options for bachelors and families with 1-2 members.

IFB 17 L Solo microwave (17PM MEC 1, White)

Best solo microwave IndiaFind latest price ( Amazon)

Available in black and white colour options, IFB 17PM MEC1 is yet one more solo microwave that's basic, yet highly rated.

The oven comes with 6 power options from low to high including defrost option. And with 1200 Watt power, heating is fairly quick too.

The timer are often set for up to half-hour . A drawback here is that you simply simply simply simply simply can increment the time setting by 1 minute and not as you discover in digital timer.On the entire , if you're trying to hunt out just an appliance for re-heating and perhaps making some quick noodles or pasta or hot beverage, you wouldn’t be disappointed with this budget-friendly choice.

Morphy Richards 20 L Solo microwave (20 MS, Black)

Best Solo Microwave Ovens In India With a rather higher wattage and capacity, Morphy Richards 20MS is yet one more option worth considering.

As with the previous IFB appliance, it's the choice to manage power and time employing a jog dial. the facility are often adjusted in 5 settings from low to high. One distinct advantage over IFB is that you simply simply simply simply simply can adjust the timer in increments of seconds till 10 minutes, post which the increment is in minutes.

User reviews are pretty positive and there are hardly any common complaints. So, if you're a family of three plus or expecting to be a family of three plus, choose this oven over the previous IFB because it's larger and of upper power.


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