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The best speed cube is a puzzle that improves concentration, analytical and problem-solving skills, and memory. It is also a great way to reduce screen time and develop hand-eye coordination.

This is a great choice if you’re looking for a budget-friendly cube that performs well. It has a sleek design and a magnetic feel that helps reduce lockups and stability issues.

1. MoYu WeiLong WR M 2020

If you are looking for a best 3×3 cube to get into speedcubing then this one is the perfect choice. It is a medium weighted cube that turns smoothly and with minimal friction. It is also quiet, unlike some fast turning cubes which make high-pitched clunky noise when turning.

The MoYu WeiLong WR M 2020 has many great features including an improved dual adjustment system, magnetic positioning and perfect internal track feet. It is also very durable and comes with a lot of extras. It is also available in a variety of colors and finishes.

It is a fantastic cube for beginners, although it might be a bit too slow for seasoned solvers who want to break sub-20. However, it is still the best budget 3×3 on the market. Some cubers prefer it over Gan Air SM and valk 3 and it is definitely the best option for those who want to spend less than 20$.

3. MoYu GTS3 V2

If you like the GAN 356 Air SM but want a bit more control this cube is a great choice. It has a special design on the corners and core that makes them bite together tightly with very little friction. This along with a smaller size and the more muffled noise that this cube produces makes it one of the best speed cubes on the market today.

It is also a great choice for beginners because of the excellent stability it has. It is not as fast as the other cubes on this list but it is still very good.

This is the latest version of the MoYu GTS3 and comes with magnets preinstalled making it a lot easier to solve than before. It has a very nice feel to it and is very smooth to turn with a crisp feeling to the layers that you will not find on some other cubes. It also has a great corner cutting and is very pop safe.

4. YJ Yulong V2M

The YJ Yulong V2M is a good magnetised budget 3×3 that’s hard to beat for the price. It’s made from a harder plastic which negates the cheap feeling that can sometimes be found in budget cubes, and it has medium strength magnets factory installed to improve stability and overall performance.

It’s a very fast cube that cuts corners well, and the speed is matched by it’s excellent stability. This makes it a great choice for those looking for a new cube to take their first steps in competitive cubing.

To find the best YJ Yulong V2M for your needs, I would recommend buying both a Moyu RS3M 2020 and a QiYi MS and using a heavy lube on the core and a light lube on the pieces. This will give you two very different experiences, allowing you to see which feels better for you. After that, you can decide whether to upgrade to a flagship cube like the MoYu WeiLong WR M 2020, Valk Elite or DaYan Tengyun V2. This is a very affordable way of getting the latest technology and improving your speed cubing.


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