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Best Tips for Selecting a Great Folding Bike

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Cycling has been one of the most popular sports for a very long time. Warming up, going to a friend’s place, exercising, itinerary to schools and colleges, or even cycling to your favourite place to relax, cycles have been our buddies for so many tasks. When it comes to choosing a stylish and trendy bike, a folding bike appears at the top of the list of options. It looks cool, can be taken anywhere, is aesthetic and it gives the same feeling as that of the other cycles. But among the folding bike world, there are many types of bikes based on different categories. So what to choose then, let’s look at some of the points here:

Weight Differences Among Folding Commuter Bikes: One of the top reasons to buy folding bikes is their mobility. Not only you can drive them everywhere, but you can also carry them as well. The optimal weight range of folding bikes varies from 10 to 20 kilograms. The first is the lightweight category, which is usually made up of alloys or aluminium. For a higher budget, you can go for a bike made of carbon material. It's stronger than the previous category and feels much lighter. The next option is Chromoly, which is resistive to corrosion and provides a number of designs. If you are looking for a robust folding bike, Hi-ten steel could be a great choice. It offers high strength but is quite heavy as well.

Selection on the basis of Need: Mostly folding bikes are used for roaming in the city, or going high on the mountains. If you are in need of going small distances on smooth roads, then City Tour folding bike is suitable for you. They usually come in aluminium material, with properties of lightweight and non-corrosion. But if you want to go for mountain rides, moving up and down the hilly areas, then a folding Mountain bike is a preferable choice for you. They are bulky and are built for tougher paths and have stronger material make.

Selecting Bikes based on their Tyre Sizes: People who go to offices, school students or those who have small apartments can pick compact folding bikes which have the ability to get packed in narrow spaces. Their tyre diameter begins from 14 inches. But if you are going for heavy bikes for long tours and riding in the mountains, the width of the wheels starts at around 18 or 20 inches. This size gives comfort while riding on uneven tracks.

Prices of Folding Bikes: There are many factors which can affect the pricing of folding bikes. Renowned brands, manufacturing countries, materials of the bike, and premium features like brakes, seats or handles, are some of the causes for price differentiation. Choosing the right folding bike depends on your deciding factors. If you want to buy a sturdy bike, with heavy material, a popular name, and you want to show off, then select a lavish and famous branded bike that is suitable for you. Another factor is the country in which the bike was made, if it's from a different continent like Europe or Australia, it will surely cost much more than the bike from your country or a neighbouring country. Next comes the material of the bikes. It is a deciding factor for pricing as well as the weight and strength of foldable bikes. If you choose a carbon material bike, it will cost higher than others as it is light in weight but very strong.



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