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YouTube is the second largest search engine where the competition is getting even more challenging for YouTube creators. Though YouTube creators leave no stone unturned in creating good-quality content, yet they get a few views. Some YouTube channels have not good-quality content, but they easily reach thousands of views. If you are not getting a good number of views on YouTube, it means that the way you optimize your videos is not right. To rank your channel and videos higher, all you need to know is the secrets to the YouTube search engine. Once you grasp a better understanding of how the YouTube algorithm works, it will be easy for you to get success on YouTube. If you have just started your YouTube journey, here are the secrets to YouTube search engine optimization worth looking at.

Get the Trending Keywords by Entering a Word in Search Bar

If you have prepared a video on a topic related to marketing, You can type “Marketing” in the YouTube search bar. You will see all the trending keywords related to the term on the top. Note down all these words carefully. These are the keywords that you can use in your video to rank it higher. These keywords are used in the description section. When you have found the trending keywords, you can type the term in the YouTube search bar. See which video is appearing on the top. Tap on it to open the video. Note down the keywords and tags that the user has used. When you upload your video, keep the video title and description similar to the video that ranks higher in the search results.

Find the Relevant Tags

Tags are vital as they can help a video rank higher. You can search for some trending videos related to your topic and find out the tags that other creators use in their videos. There are various online tools to help you find the hidden tags of a video. You can visit Keyword.io to find the trending tags. It lets you find the tags that go viral. Android app “YouTags Pro” can help you find the appropriate tags. You should write as many words as possible in the description section. The more words your description section has, The more likely your video is to be discovered.

Use End Screen to Help Viewers Know about Your Video

End Screen is a great feature that you can use to gain more views and watch time on your YouTube videos. Even professional YouTube creators use the End Screen. You can place any video of your channel in the end so that viewers can watch it. Before the first video ends, the viewer will be recommended to watch another video. Besides, you can place your channel logo on a video to encourage viewers to subscribe to your channel.

Promote Good-Quality Content via Adwords

An emerging channel can find it difficult to appear in the search results. YouTube creators get disappointed when they work hard but don’t get the desired results. If you want to give exposure to your YouTube channel and make it reach a wider audience, you can use Google Adwords to promote your content, you will get views, but we can’t vouch for the claim for the subscribers. People will subscribe to your channel if your content is really appealing. When you create an ad, use the trending keyword so that your video reaches more viewers searching for the same topic on YouTube.


We have shared effective tips on YouTube search engine optimization. You can put these tips into action to see how great these work. We hope these will prove useful.

Source: Best Tips for YouTube Search Engine Optimization


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