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In this article, we will discuss the ways with the help of you can secure the lock screen of your iOS device. Your iPhone might make things easier for you to access by allowing most of them on your lock screen. But this might become a gateway for intruders to access your data. The prying eyes of others may have a sneak peek at your conversation you are having with your loved ones. The individuals can even read your private notes and that too, without your permission for the same. The intruders may also access your device’s Camera. So, if you don’t want the lock screen to interfere with your device’s privacy, follow the below-mentioned steps on how to secure the lock screen of your iOS device.

Setting Up an Alphanumeric Passcode

Setting up an alphanumeric passcode for your lock screen can play a significant role in protecting your lock screen against the prying eyes of intruders. We say so because the passwords that are formed with the help of both numbers and alphabets are hard to guess.

Hackers have become way too smart nowadays, and they can easily guess the passcodes you are using. So, you need to enhance your device’s security by setting an alphanumeric password. For that, you need to open the Settings app, further click on the “Face/Touch ID” option, then on Change Passcode, and further press the “Passcode Options.” You can then set a customized alphanumeric code as your passcode.

Remove Camera Access from Lock Screen on Your iPhone

As the Camera can be accessed directly from the lock screen, with just a swipe, anyone can access it without your approval. In that case, you would, no doubt, want to keep the shooter out of sight. Well, you can easily do it. Using the “Screen Time” feature, you can easily remove the camera access from your lock screen. Simply go to the “Settings” app of your iOS device, click on the “Screen Time” option, further go to the “Content & Privacy Restrictions.” You need to ensure that the switch for this is enabled.

Further, click on the Allowed Apps and disable the switch appearing immediately next to the Camera. Doing this, no individual will not access the camera app right from the device’s lock screen.

Disable Notification Center, Control Center, and Siri Access from Lock Screen

You can block Notification Center, Siri, Wallet, Control Center, Home control, return missed calls, replying to messages, and Today View from your lock screen. Simply follow the below-mentioned settings for the same:

  1. Go to the Settings app of your device.
  2. Click on Face/Touch ID.
  3. Scroll below to move to “Allow Access When Locked.”
  4. You may now turn off every feature that you want to restrict access off from the lock screen.

Block Apple Notes Access from Lock Screen

This feature is pretty helpful for keeping track of crucial things, and having it on the lock screen lets users edit notes without even having to go to the app from the menu. Having it on the lock screen is pretty much convenient, but your sensitive notes will be more prone to vulnerability. So, to avoid notes from being accessed by the prying eyes, you can block their access from your device’s lock screen.

For that, you need to open the Settings app, go to Notes, then to “Access Notes from Lock Screen,” and click on “Off” to disable the access of notes from the lock screen.

Take Control of Notification Previews

You can restrict the Notification previews from getting seen by prying eyes. In general, too, they should be kept hidden. In case your notifications are at the risk of getting exposed, you should control this from happening. Go to Settings, click on Notifications, tap on Show Previews. Further, select “When Unlocked.” You may choose “Never” if you want to restrict the previews completely.

Disable Siri Suggestions on Lock Screen

Siri offers various suggestions on the device’s lock screen and to help you quickly carry out tasks using those suggested shortcuts. In case you want to disable the Siri suggestions, you may follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Go to Settings.
  • Click on Notifications.
  • Further, toggle off the “Siri Suggestions” switch.
  • You can disable the toggle after some specific apps if you don’t want to disable this feature completely.

So, these were some of our tips that you can use to secure the lock screen of your iOS device.

Source: Best Tips to Secure iPhone Lock Screen

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