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Best Tires for Rock Crawling

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When you think of off-roading, you probably imagine intense, adrenaline-pumping fun. There are many ways to have that kind of experience, but one of the best is to rock crawl. It's not just a simple type of off-roading. Rock crawling is a very complex sport that you must hone the skills by practice. You must invest in the right vehicle, off-roading truck, and Jeep accessories to excel in this extreme activity. It requires a specific type of tire capable of providing maximum traction for your vehicle to succeed. 

Finding the right tires can be challenging, but our list will make your search less complicated. Check out our list of the best rock-crawling tires in the market. 

General Grabber X3

The General Grabber X3 is the most aggressive tire from General Tire. It is built to endure the most challenging conditions, with large tread blocks and a grippy compound for outstanding traction over steep inclines. Thanks to its wide footprint, it can easily conquer large rocks and boulders. It makes them an excellent choice for hardcore rock crawling or mud-slinging on your off-roading adventures.

Goodyear Wrangler MT/R

Whether you're looking for tough, durable mud tires that can handle aggressive trail runs, or a street-legal off-roader that is easy on the wallet, look no further than the Goodyear Wrangler MT/R with Kevlar. Classified as an Extreme Performance All-Terrain tire by Goodyear, the MT/R's two-ply construction was designed to be long-wearing and provide strength while offering an abundance of biting edges and voids to keep rocks out of your tread. The rocks won't stick to the tread because of its large void area so you can run right over them. And this isn't just any tire – it also comes with Kevlar sidewall reinforcement.

Kanati Mud Hog

Mud Hogs are great rock crawling tires because of their superior, angled tread pattern that provides impressive traction in some of the most treacherous off-road terrains. The rubber compound offers excellent grip on the rocks while maintaining exceptional wear on the trail when adequately maintained. Its strong 3-ply sidewall protects against damage in extreme off-road settings yet still offers a comfortable ride on the pavement.

Firestone Destination M/T2

The design of the Destination M/T2 not only withstand the roughness of off-road driving but also provides exceptional stability and handling. With a reinforced dual steel belt construction, this tire is built to handle high loads without getting bent out of shape. Like all Firestone tires, it also features a rubber compound resistant to chips and tears, and its casing was also designed to prevent puncture damage. Its large, staggered tread blocks for extra grip (and optional siping for better mud traction) are a potent combination for rock-crawling tires.

Mickey Thompson Baja Claw

The Mickey Thompson Baja Claw is a bias-belted tire that is tough, durable, and offers excellent traction on rock. The tire's directional tread elements enhance its performance on hard surfaces such as snow and gravel and provide excellent traction on muddy surfaces. The Baja Claw features an aggressive side lug design for maximum dry grip and offers superior performance in wet conditions.

BFGoodrich T/A KM3

The BFG KM3s are some of the best rock-crawling tires available today. Built with the Krawl-TEK compound and a thick “shield” engineered into the tire's sidewall and bead, these tires are tough enough to withstand puncture hazards without compromising grip on loose ground. In fact, they perform exceptionally well over rock and slick surfaces, making them great for hard off-road adventures or daily use.

Nitto Mud Grappler 

The Nitto Mud Grappler aims to tackle the most challenging off-road terrain. It is a robust all-terrain tire that is the ultimate go-to choice for rock crawling enthusiasts. The Mud Grappler is equipped with a computer-designed tread pattern that provides hard-biting edges in all various directions for traction on nearly any surface. At the same time, the big 15mm side lugs deliver some much-needed sidewall puncture resistance. Its sidewalls are also made of solid, triple-ply Polyester for added durability, while large void areas enhance the Mud Grappler's self-cleaning abilities to keep you moving smoothly no matter what conditions arise.

Interco Super Swamper IROK Bias Ply

The Super Swamper IROK Bias Ply is a rock crawler tire that carves through mud and over rocks like no other. With excellent handling characteristics and durability, it can take on some of the roughest terrains, making it a popular choice among off-road enthusiasts. The tire's bias-ply construction gives it superior sidewall strength and long life, while its directional tread pattern increases traction in the mud vs. other tires.

Mickey Thompson Baja ATZ P3

The Mickey Thompson Baja ATZ P3 tire is built to tackle the most rugged terrain. This model features an aggressive tread pattern and super-tough construction to help you conquer everything from rocky terrain to mud, dirt, and sand. The Baja ATZ P3 performs admirably on dry surfaces and holds up against wet ones, making it a good choice for off-road adventurers and everyday drivers.

Dick Cepek Extreme Country

The Extreme Country is a tire that provides excellent side-slipping and traction over smaller and larger rocks. Thanks to the tough carcass, it resists punctures, cuts, and chipping extremely well. Because of its aggressive tread compound, you can drive the Extreme Country on other off-road surfaces. The Dick Cepek is comfortable on the highway and has good on-road handling, but it's noisy and uncomfortable on the highway.

BFGoodrich Krawler TA KX

The BFG Krawler TA KX is made for the serious off-roader. It's a great, dedicated rock-crawling tire that provides excellent traction on rocky terrain and enough stability to keep you moving at high highway speeds. With its large tread blocks, heavy-duty sidewalls, and extra thick rubber compound, the tire can easily handle repeated impacts from rocks and other obstacles. You'll find yourself enjoying a smooth ride over most surfaces while still having the confidence to take on more challenging trails.


Remember that rock crawling is a highly specialized feat – it's different than anything you can find off the road, nor will you find this terrain in any other sport. And because of that, some off-road specific tires and truck wheels won't fit your needs. So don't go cheap on this product, and make sure you read through the reviews, then check out a few of your top options before making a final call.



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