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Best Tools and Resources for Freelancers to Work Efficiently

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Best Tools and Resources for Freelancers to Work Efficiently

Expanding your business and exploring new ventures are important. You also need to be looking for new clients. You're too busy to find the time. At this point you tell yourself, “I need to work harder.” It's not the best thing you could do. You will be more tired and less productive. You need to work smarter. Find creative ways to get more work done faster, so you can focus on your business growth. There are many tools that can help you do this.

This is the list we created for freelancers who want it to work seamlessly. This list contains the most useful and free resources available to freelancers. These resources are also available to small business owners.

Although these tools can take some time to set up, they could prove to be worth the effort. Start boldly and experiment with the tools that you will need to grow your self-employed company.

The Best Resources and Tools for Freelancers

Let's talk about some paid and free tools that are available to freelancers or small businesses.

Tools to Keep You Focused

Tomato Timer

The Pomodoro technique is a time management method that divides the day into short intervals. This time management method divides your day into small segments. To increase your productivity, you might dedicate twenty minutes to one task and then take a five-minute break.

The timer helps you stay focused and alerts when it's time to take a break. You don't have to spend more time on something to get better results.


Freedom blocks distraction sites and apps such as online shopping, social media, games, and other sites. Freedom helps you to stay focused on the most important things.


To convert all tabs into a single list, click on the OneTab symbol when you have too many open. You can access each tab individually or all at once if you need to go back to them. OneTab is able to save approximately 95% of your memory.


Coffitivity creates a virtual environment that mimics the ambience of a coffee shop to increase productivity and creativity. With a wide range of pre-recorded sounds, this app provides the background music that you need to focus and be creative.

Meeting Scheduler & Calendar Tools


Calendly makes it easy to schedule client meetings. You can create a link to your calendar based on your availability, and share it with your clients. The event is added to your calendar once they have chosen a date and time. Simple.


It's gone a long time ago that you could simply send out a mass email asking about availability, and then sort through each person to find the best time. Doodle makes it easy to schedule 1:1s with clients quickly without having to ask for availability. You display your best moments. After guests narrow down the date and time, they set it.

The Best Time Tracking Software For Freelancers


Toggl, a time-tracking tool that is well-known and inexpensive, is one of the best free options. Toggl is easy to use and understand. Toggl's user-friendly design makes it easy to track time. Cloud-hosted, the application supports nearly all web browsers, software platforms and devices. Toggl integrates with a wide range of services and can be adapted to existing systems. The free app has robust functionality and will satisfy most freelancers' basic requirements.


RescueTime allows you to keep track of your time on internet sites, applications, and files, without using timers or manual entry. You will receive detailed reports on where your time went and what is preventing you from being productive.

Client Communication Resources


Slack is a great communication tool for freelancers. You can share reports, send mockups and read feedback in a channel that is focused on a particular project. Customers and you can both search past conversations to locate files and access them when needed. If they have any additional projects, you can reply to their DMs.


FollowUp for email keeps your activities and interactions organized. You can set up precise timed alerts that will appear at the top your inbox right when you need them.


Do you feel stressed and frustrated because you spend so much time on your email? Chatwork lets you replace your email addiction with real-time conversations. Chatwork lets us save all our text messages in the cloud so that we can access them anytime, anywhere.

Project Management tools


Monday is a new day for project and work management. This allows you and your customers collaborate on project planning and execution. It results in timely results. A virtual work center allows you and your customers to communicate and join forces from any location in the world, whether it's on land or sea.


Asana is a platform that allows freelancers organize and manage tasks. You can easily switch between project opinions and put your goals, plans, and obligations in one place. It also provides all the information you need for tracking progress and identifying risks.


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