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Adobe Audition is one of the most preferred digital audio workstation software. It helps sound engineers and music producers unleash their creativity. If you have ideas but don’t know how to put them into action, it would be the right tool for you. Adobe Audition is highly admired for its great ability to clean up noise from an audio file. We have made attempts to resolve some common issues that one may face while recording vocals and acoustic instruments. Take a look at the best tools for cleaning up audio in Adobe Audition.

Noise Reduction

Noise is an issue that every audio engineer has to deal with while mastering a track. Every audio expert has his/her own way of dealing with noise and eliminating noise from an audio file. The noise should be reduced in a way so that the relevant frequencies and lead vocals are not suppressed. Adobe Audition offers the best way to do that.

In order to clean up noise from audio, double-click on an audio track to access the Waveform Editor. See which frequencies are generating noise and understand the type of noise. Go to “Effects,” then click on the “Noise Reduction,” click on the “Capture Noise Print,” and then “Select Entire File.” Click on “Noise Only” to hear the noise. Click on the green button and remove the unwanted noise using sliders. In order to save the noise print, you can use Shift + P.

Remove Hum in Audition

Hum is a sound that is generated by electronic appliances like lights, power lines, and AC. It can make your audio track sound dull. Adobe Audition is a great software that makes it possible to remove humming from an audio file in seconds. All you need to do is just go to Effects, then go to “Noise Reduction/Restoration,” and click on “Dehummer.” You can quickly eliminate the unwanted sound and make the file sound okay in this way. You can select any of the presets available on the software.

Use the Auto Heal and Spot Healing Brush

The Auto Heal feature of Audition is quite useful and does an excellent job of repairing damaged audio. Using Auto Heal Brush and Spot Healing Brush can be a lot helpful in removing the clicks, pops, and other noisy elements from an audio file. Press the plus key to zoom in and select the pop, then right-click and choose the Auto Heal. It offers the Spot Healing Brush to help you fix the damaged frequencies. Simply drag over the pops and clicks and improve the audio file using Spot Healing Brush.

Use DeClipper in Audition

It isn’t easy to fix clipped audio in some DAWs, but Adobe Audition does the best on its part. If you have ever faced such a problem, you can quickly overcome the problem. In order to fix the clipped audio, all you need to do is just select DeClipper in the Diagnostic panel. Click to scan the clipped portion of audio; the clipped areas will automatically be detected.  You can fix the clipping manually one at once, or click on the “Repair All” option.

Conclusion Adobe Audition is an excellent tool for audio engineers and works great when it comes to cleaning up an audio file. We have explained the steps to clean up an audio file with the help of tools available on Adobe Audition. We hope you find the information useful.

Source: Best Tools for Cleaning Up Audio in Adobe Audition

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