Torrenting is an online-based file-sharing system often used to download content from the internet. The technology was founded in 2001 by Python-language programmer Bram Cohen, it was released as a new and innovative technology that was groundbreaking for computer users at the time. And to date, torrenting still stands as one of the most reliable methods of online file sharing. It has become super popular, with most internet users considering it a gift from the heavens while anti-piracy agencies and governments see it as highly illegal.

Due to all the controversies surrounding this activity, most torrenting sites do not last long. They are usually taken down for copyright infringement and the few that are left are losing traction because of media streaming services like Netflix. However, there are still some good torrenting sites out there if you know where to look, a simple Google search will not reveal them.

That’s why we have put together a list of 12 of the best torrenting sites that are still working at the moment, but first, let’s find out how torrents work.


Downloading a file from the internet is often pretty straightforward, all you have to do is go to the file source, click the download button and it moves from the source to your computer but torrenting is a whole different story.

The way torrenting works is a little more complex, since it mostly involves very large files, torrenting breaks down the file into bits and pieces called ‘’packets’’.These packets are distributed on a network chain made up of the computers of other users also downloading the same file. These users are called ‘’peers’’ and though the file is being shared amongst them, there’s one server that has the entire file, this server is known as the ‘’seeder’’. Each peer downloads a different part of the file and they all inter share their parts until the download is over.

With torrenting, instead of having one centralized server which is the source of  the downloaded file, there’s a  peer-to-peer network system with every member participating in either uploading or downloading the file in question. Users depend on each other to complete a download, when you are downloading a file you are called a ‘’leecher’’ and when you’re done downloading and others start taking from you, you become a ‘’seeder’’. Most torrent websites serve as a place to deposit files for people to find and to connect peers.

For you to be able to download torrents, you need to have two things: a BitTorrent client and a VPN. BitTorrent clients are applications that are specialized in capturing torrents into your computer because torrenting cannot be done directly. A VPN on its part protects your personal data from Internet Service Providers and third parties through the use of encryption.


NordVPN for Torrenting

Considering how controversial torrenting is in the first place, using a VPN is vital. The last thing you need is for agencies, governments, or third parties to have access to your personal data when you download or share files. To shield your private information, location, and online activity from prying eyes, you need a good VPN. We recommend NordVPN as the go-to VPN for torrenting and streaming. NordVPN will encrypt your data, hide your identity and IP address. It will make sure you stay anonymous as well as unblock any sites that are restricted in your country or by your internet service provider. NordVPN is an all time favorite when keeping safe is a priority. And the best part is a NordVPN subscription comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

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Our List Of Best Torrent Sites

1. The Pirate Bay (TPB)

Best Torrent Sites

The Pirate Bay stands tall as the number one torrent site, it is the oldest and has stood the test of time as well as several shutdown attempts. Over the years, The Pirate Bay has had the opportunity to establish itself as a reliable and trusted torrent site. With a library of millions of torrents covering everything from TV shows, to movies, video games, songs,software, audiobooks, and much more, TPB boasts of over 60 million users on its main site every month. The site has managed to remain a fan favorite because of the quality and variety of its content.

TPB has a simple and easy to use interface that hasn’t changed since its inception, it is not filled with sleazy ads that pop up every minute and ensures a safe download by indicating trusted users, and an option to filter results. TPB is banned in 30 countries, some of which are the UK, Australia, Russia, etc. making the use of  NordVPN indispensable.

Year Established : 2003

Mirrors :,,

Download Speed : 5-6 MB/s on average


Best Torrent Sites

RARBG is famous for its high-quality torrents and the constant updates of torrents to its already vast library. The site receives about 40 million monthly visitors and offers a more personalized experience than The Pirate Bay. RARBG also has a decent download speed and a modern look that is pleasing to the eyes.

The torrent has a sophisticated system that allows you to filter search results by pixel definition or compression standard. This makes it easy to find what you want from its 800,000+ torrents and save time and energy. Most of the files come with ratings so it’s easy to tell which ones are worth the trouble.

Unfortunately, RARBG’s popularity among users also means the powers that be are aware of it, so it is blocked in Denmark, the UK, Portugal, Ireland, Bulgaria, Indonesia, Pakistan,and Saudi Arabia.

Year Established : 2008

Mirrors :,,,

Download Speed : Average speed of  91.6 MB/s

3. Torrentz2

Best Torrent Sites

Torrentz2 is known for its large collection of music, it is considered the number one music torrent site on the internet with an index of over 61,000,000 torrents and anywhere between 10-20 million monthly users. But apart from its impressive music library, Torrentz2 does not have much going on for it. The site’s download speed is pretty average, it has a lot of ads popping up constantly, and the search options are not very advanced.

Another thing Torrentz2 has going in its favor is that the site is not blocked in any countries. So, if you want good music and are willing to put in a little more search time than usual,  Torrentz2 could be a good fit for you. But you’ll need a malware blocker and VPN like NordVPN to ward off all those annoying ads.

Year Established : 2016

Mirrors : torrentz2,,

Download Speed : 86.9 Mbps

4. 1337X

Best Torrent Sites

1337X is the third most popular torrent site, it has good quality torrents for movies, TV shows, music, video games, etc. It is also one of the OG’s that have stood the test of time. 1337X has both old and new content, and one of its secrets is that it is highly moderated to guarantee excellent quality torrents.

1337X amasses about 53 million monthly visits and has no ad intrusions when browsing its 2,400,000+ torrents. The site is user-friendly, search has been made easy and straightforward. 1337X is blocked in the UK,  Ireland,  Austria, and Australia.

Year Established : 2007

Mirrors :, ,,,

Download Speed : 69.4 Mbps on average


Best Torrent Sites

EZTV has been through a lot in recent years but the site has managed to come out triumphant. It is known as one of the best torrent sites for TV shows and reality TV in HD, everything is so well organized that it takes only a minute to find what you’re looking for. The site has over 155,000 torrents and 20 million monthly active users. EZTV has a clean, easy to use interface with no ads interfering with your search. It is blocked in Australia, Ireland, and the UK.

Year Established : 2015

Mirrors :,,

Download Speed : 110.4 Mbps

6. YTS

Best Torrent Sites

Are you looking to download high definition movies at fast speeds? If yes, YTS is what you need. This torrent site focuses only on movies. They have more than

8,000 torrents in their library and the files are of small sizes, they have been compressed to make it easier to download. YTS has quite a number of pop-ups which makes it difficult to guarantee your safety. But the torrents themselves are safe because they are meticulously vetted. YTS is blocked in the US, UK,  Australia, Ireland, Greece, Iceland, and many other countries. Make sure you are protected from malware and pop-up ads.

Year Established : 2011

Mirrors :,,

Download Speed : 30.1 Mbps on average

7. LimeTorrents

Best Torrent Sites

LimeTorrents is the site with one of the biggest torrent libraries, it has about 10 million torrents covering everything from movies, TV shows, video games, fan art, music, and more. The site has very old shows you won’t easily find as well as popular recent shows. LimeTorrents sorts torrents by using a tracker and finding the number of vetted seeders. It is not that easy to wipe pop-ups but you can always use a reliable VPN. LimeTorrentsis blocked in France, the UK, and Australia.

Year Established : 2009

Mirrors :,,

Download Speed : 39.1 Mbps

8. Zooqle

Best Torrent Sites

Zooqle is one of the new sites on this list, it focuses mostly on movies and TV shows with over 37,000 movies,600 TV shows, and  3,500,000+ torrents available. It also has music, games, ebooks, and software though to a lesser extent. Zooqle has a simple interface, and most files come with information on the number of seeders to leechers and how old the file is. This site is not blocked in any country as of now, however, you’ll need NordVPN to filter pop-up ads.

Year Established : 2013

Mirrors :,

Download Speed : 39.1 Mbps

9. TorrentDownloads

Best Torrent Sites

This torrent site has the reputation of being the place to find the content you can’t find anywhere else. TorrentDownloads has an index of more than 16,000,000 torrents, it has a huge variety of TV shows old and new, movies, apps, video games, and everything else in between. TorrentDownloads has a simple user-friendly interface, with advanced search options that make things easier than anywhere else. Each torrent has comments and ratings that further help you choose which ones you want to download. TorrentDownloads is blocked only in the UK.

Year Established :  2007

Mirrors :,

Download Speed : 56.2 Mbps

10. IPTorrents

Best Torrent Sites

IPTorrents is a private torrenting site and they require a donation before having access. You can only download torrents on invitation and to get an invitation you need to make a donation, fancy right?. Well, apart from seeming like an elite country club, IPTorrents also has a vast library of torrents and a vibrant community of active users. With IPTorrents there are no ad intrusions and the site boasts of close to 5 million visits a month. Plus it is not blocked in any of the usual countries.

Year Established : N/A

Mirrors :

Download Speed : 60.7 Mbps

11. Bibliotik

Best Torrent Sites

Bibliotik is the best torrent site available for e-books, it has the largest ebook library, all sorts of e-books are covered, from entertainment to leisure ebooks, college ebooks, self-development e-books, etc, Bibliotik has it all. It has  hundreds of thousands of monthly visitors which is pretty awesome, considering it is a private torrenting site. Being a private site means it works only through membership, to be able to download torrents you have to first of all register as a member. Unfortunately, new members are not being accepted on Bibliotik at the moment.

Year Established : N/A

Mirrors :

Download Speed :  60.1 Mbps

12. Torlock

Best Torrent Sites

TorLock is a torrenting site that makes an effort to guarantee the safety of its users and the quality of the torrents they download from their site. They do this by verifying each and every torrent uploaded to their library. Torlock is so sure of the quality of its content that it offers $1 for every fake torrent you find. TorLock has over 4,500,000+ torrents and a huge online community of active users. Torlock is blocked only in the UK,  India, and Australia.

Year Established :  2010

Mirrors :,

Download Speed :  59.7 Mbps

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How To Avoid Fake Torrent Sites

Considering all the controversies surrounding torrenting, it’s no surprise that there are many shady sites on the internet claiming to be torrent sites. Hackers and other third parties use these sites to install malware and other malicious software to user’s computers. Most often these sites will ask you to install a very shady browser extension before you can download torrents, once you do they gain access to all of your personal information.

To avoid such sites and stick to legitimate torrent sites, there are signs you have to be on the lookout for, you don’t need to be a pro in cybersecurity to be able to tell the difference between a real and a fake torrent site. Here are some of the aspects of a good and trustworthy torrenting site:

  • Founding year — A torrent site that has been around for a while and has survived without being shot is definitely much more reliable than a new one that just popped up.
  • Torrent Index – Good torrent sites usually have a huge library, with lots of popular content. A fake site might just have a few torrents and probably a bunch of them are obscure titles.
  • The number of seeders — Reliable torrent sites will normally have content with a lot of seeders making the downloading process easier. The greater the seeder to leecher ratio the better.
  •  Banned in several countries — Another factor to take into consideration is if the site is blocked in most of the usual countries like the UK, Australia, etc. The authorities are aware of most of the best torrenting sites making them inaccessible in many countries unless you are using a VPN.
  • Proxy/mirror sites — Any torrenting site worth its salt always has a proxy or mirror site as a backup for a rainy day. Most fake sites won’t be able to afford that luxury.

In A Nutshell

In itself, torrenting is not an illegal activity because all you do is a little data sharing among ‘’friends’’. However, according to the law downloading and sharing copyrighted material without the owner’s permission is illegal and has grave consequences in many countries. We recommend you check the prescription of the law in your country and act accordingly.

In addition, to be safer than sorry, it’s best to install a reliable VPN before torrenting. NordVPN for instance can shield you from all the security issues that might arise when downloading torrents. It will route your connection through a secure server making sure you remain anonymous, it will allow you to access blocked torrent sites, and will act as a kill switch when you come in contact with malicious software. Taking these safety precautions is the only way you should be downloading torrents.


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