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Smartphones have nowadays taken the place of a photo camera. People use their smartphones to capture a photo and edit it to make it more awesome. The smartphone apps come with great features to help you edit a photo. You can give your photo a professional touch by applying filters to it. Smartphone apps nowadays offer a color-grading feature. Just having a good app won’t make your photo look good. To do so, you need to have good editing skills. Editing photos is not innate talent. You acquire the skills by putting in some efforts. If you want to impress others with your photo on Instagram, here are some useful VSCO editing tips for Instagrammers. Have a look at them.

Composition, Color, and Exposure

You need to understand how some effects together perform miracles. First, open a photo in the VSCO editing app. Pay attention to some areas of the photo. Adjust Tone, Brightness, Sharpness, and Contrast to make your picture more attractive. Add Contrast while keeping in mind the appearance of the location; otherwise, the person in the photo would appear as if he/she is standing in sunlight. You can add Sharpness to make objects visible. Sharpness does an excellent job of making things clear, but adding too much Sharpness will make your photo appear dull. You can rotate and crop a picture to make it look like a perfect shot.

Skin Tone

Adjusting the skin tone may seem difficult to some, but in VSCO, it is easier than ever. You can change the skin tone and make a person look more attractive. VSCO offers various filters for the same purpose. If you are not happy about the filters available on VSCO, you can adjust the skin tone manually. Skin Tone slider control can make skin appear smoother and make a person look better. You can increase the orange color in the option “HSL.” Increasing the orange color will enhance your skin tone and add attractiveness to your picture.

Color-Grading Feature

The color-grading feature in VSCO is known as HSL. It includes about six colors that you can either increase or decrease in your photo according to your choice. If you take a photo at night, it may be right to add blue color and orange one to your photo as both of these colors will make your picture look as if it had been shot at a night party. The HSL Sliders in VSCO offer infinite possibilities. You can try your own ways to color-grade a photo.

Make Your Picture Say Your Feelings

Adding Brightness and Contrast to a picture is not what is going to impress others. You have to create your custom presets that people will like. You can use various presets, HSL sliders, Highlight, and Gain, and add clarity to a picture so that anyone looking at the picture doesn’t skip at any cost without double-tapping it on Instagram.

The purpose of the list was to let you know about the best VSCO editing tips. You will be able to edit photos professionally by following the tips mentioned above.

Source :- https://yellowtopix.com/blog/best-vsco-editing-tips-to-shine-on-instagram/

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