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With the new wave of hybrid golf clubs showing up on the market, several golfers are jumping on the hybrid bandwagon, assuming that because every person else is utilizing them, so must they. Well, the arguments for using hybrid golf clubs are strong, yet not so strong that you should refrain, at the very least, from a little study.


The significant concerns are whether hybrids are ideal for you and whether they will boost your game. I addressed the first inquiry in my short article “Why you should be utilizing hybrid golf clubs”. Let's look at the 2nd question, will they boost your game?


Are you an excellent long-iron gamer right now? Many novices are not, considering that the long irons are considered the most demanding clubs in the bag to hit regularly well. So possibilities are you are not a significant lengthy iron gamer, which indicates hybrids probably will improve your video game. Yet what if you are a great long-iron player? Well, let me utilize myself as an example. I play to an 11 handicap, so while I am not a professional, I am far better than many laid-back golf enthusiasts. I have always been a pretty good long-iron gamer. My lone hole-in-one came with a four iron from 184 backyards, and my most extended, the same level 4 eagle, went with a five iron from 173 backyards. I hit long irons confidently and would use a three-iron rather than a five-wood if I could escape it.


Having said all the above, I am still a far better golf enthusiast when I put hybrid golf clubs in my bag and take out my 3, 4 & 5 irons. So the short answer to the concern of whether you must utilize them is an unquestionable yes!


So, the following inquiry (17 fairway woods) is, how do I strike hybrid golf clubs? Many players erroneously think they should play hybrids like fairway woods. This is wrong, as well as if you play hybrid golf clubs like you play your fairway woods, you will not be taking full advantage of their advantages, and you will still be leaving strokes on the fairway.


The short answer to exactly how to hit a hybrid golf club is to tell you to use the same swing as you perform with an equivalent long iron. That means different points to different individuals. I do not get caught up in placing the ball precisely where the pro states to put it, much like I don't get caught up in paying attention to others claiming what is correct or incorrect with a golf swing. The most significant trick to a golf swing is finding comfort and uniformity with YOUR swing. I use myself as an example again. I have constantly placed the ball inside my best foot when hitting lengthy irons. I also tend to close the face down and also play a draw. Those points make me strike a less-than-typical round and play an interest with all my long irons. Many pros would undoubtedly find lots of problems with my swing. However, my swing fits me and is a swing I can duplicate repeatedly. If you can duplicate it, you can be constant and use small changes to create much better outcomes.


So, most of us have our very own swing. OK, what does that mean for your switch from long irons to hybrid golf clubs? The most important key is to utilize the same swing on a hybrid golf club as you would certainly use a long iron from a similar distance and lie. You wish to hit the ball with a coming down blow, just as you ought to be doing with your long irons. Don't make the blunder of using your sweeping fairway (discount golf iron sets) timber swing with your hybrids. You will not obtain the same result. Concentrate on a descending impact on the golf ball and let the club do the work.




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