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Do you know that if you are using ChimpConnect to integrate Salesforce and Mailchimp then it is not required to share your MailChimp credentials? 

Yes, you heard it right! Use ChimpConnect best way to Integrate Salesforce and MailChimp then you don’t need to share your MailChimp credentials. Just assign permission sets to users from Salesforce and then users can easily trigger their emails using Salesforce org.

ChimpConnect is a Salesforce MailChimp Connector to sync data from the MailChimp account to Salesforce CRM account. It syncs audience, segments, members, and campaign data that helps to track the reports of email campaigns in depth. It follows the send, count, open, click, etc to focus on that specific area or actions that are required to lead business growth. 

What are the Features of ChimpConnect?

Some features which you can take advantage of are listed here:-

  1. Syncs Members as lead and contact from MailChimp to Salesforce Sales Cloud.

  2. Syncs Segments from MailChimp to Salesforce Sales Cloud.

  3. Syncs Audience from MailChimp to Salesforce Sales Cloud.

  4. Syncs Campaign from MailChimp to Salesforce Sales Cloud.

  5. MailChimp actions can be performed directly from your Salesforce org.

  6. You will get a unified platform at the Salesforce end to manage the services of email marketing and CRM.

  7. The audiences can be synced in bulk from MailChimp to Salesforce.

  8. It has a user-friendly interface with an interactive design.

  9. Real-time data update related to members' field as lead, contact, or person account into Salesforce.

  10. The logs of sync data can be easily maintained.

  11.  Real-time update of MailChimp subscribers and unsubscribers into Salesforce.

  12. You can add a Quick Action button on the Salesforce Record page to access the records easily.

  13. Field mapping to merge the Audiences.

  14. Manage campaigns and stats after connecting MailChimp to Salesforce.

Which editions of Salesforce are supported for using MailChimp and Salesforce integration?

The connector supports the following Salesforce editions:-

  1. Enterprise

  2. Developer

  3. Unlimited


What benefits do you get using ChimpConnect?

The benefits of using MailChimp Salesforce integration that is ChimpConnect are as follows:-

  1. You can grant access to team members so that they can check the campaign statistics and subscribers’ activity.

  2. Customize and personalize your emails and send them to subscribers.

  3. Easy to use interface.

  4. Real-time as well as manual data synchronization.

  5. A better understanding of data when you sync using ChimpConnect.

  6. Saves time and money.


Why choose ChimpConnect for connecting MailChimp and Salesforce?

The ChimpConnect is the best MailChimp Salesforce connector provided by eShopSync.com to help you out in your business. You can quickly get your data synced on a real-time basis and track all your business things. With the insights, you can check which area you must work on to take your business to the next level. The connector is listed on the official website and Salesforce AppExchange as well. You can quickly get the application and then go through our MailChimp Salesforce integration user guide for the configuration of the connector.


With this article, you get to know that it’s essential to have a connector for synchronizing the data. As ChimpConnect is the best way to integrate Salesforce MailChimp platforms. Using ChimpConnect, you can sync your email data from MailChimp to Salesforce in real-time. It helps you in improving business insights that lead to business growth.

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