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Do you want to master Spring Boot but don't know where to start? If yes, then don't worry, as you will find the best pathway to learn Spring Boot from scratch in this blog. 


Moreover, there is also a bonus in this blog for you that is the best Spring Boot course online. So, read this blog and learn how to start with Spring Boot and master it quickly. 


How to master Spring Boot?

  • Start with Java basics


Since Spring Boot is a tool that helps develop Java-based spring applications, you must be very familiar with Java. You should at least know the basics of Java. However, if you are already a Java programmer, that's best. 


Moreover, as you must know, Java is an object-oriented language, so you should also be well-versed with the OOP functionalities of Java. It includes Inheritance, polymorphism, and many others. 

  • Learn the spring framework.


After going hand in hand with Java, the next is to learn the Spring framework. The spring framework has many components to learn, but for Spring Boot, basics are a must. Here are the main things to learn about Spring. 


Aspect Oriented Programming (AOP):

  • How AOP Works
  • Creating PointCut, JoinPoint, Aspect, etc (Basics Only)


  • Core:
    • Bean Life Cycle
    • Dependency Injection
    • Inversion of Control
    • BeanFactory and Application Context


  • Web:
    • Annotations
    • MVC Structure
    • Configuration
    • Integrating different libraries/frameworks (Like Hibernate)
    • Profiles

  • Learn Spring Security


Spring Security is Spring's own framework, which is used for access control and authentication in Spring applications. Learning spring security is also needed to build spring applications. There are some essential things to learn in spring security, which are as follows. 

  • OAuth2
  • Form Authentications
  • JWT(JSON Web Token)
  • Authentication
  • Authorization

  • Start Spring Boot


After learning all this, you can now start with Spring Boots. Firstly, you should know why Spring Boot is important. You should know the purpose of this tool. Otherwise, it's not worth a penny learning if you don't exactly know where to use it and when to use it. 


The sole purpose of Spring Boot is the rapid development of enterprise applications. Many features help to create applications faster with Spring Boot. For example, the auto-configuration feature of Spring Boot. It is a feature that facilitates the automated configuration process in spring applications. It saves much time as you don't have to configure it alone. 

  • Learn Spring Boot


To learn Spring Boots, you will have to learn these concepts of Spring Boot.

  • Project Setup

Create your first Spring Boot project using Spring Initializr.

  • Annotations

Learn key Spring Boot annotations like @SpringBootApplication, @RestController, and @Autowired.

  • Configuration

Understand how to configure your Spring Boot application using properties and YAML files.

  • Dependency Management

Learn how to manage dependencies using Maven or Gradle.


Moreover, you should also learn the integration of Sql and NoSQL-based databases, Mysql, oracle, Postgresql, MongoDB, and others. Moreover, one of the most important ones to learn is Spring Data, which is the database of Spring itself. 

  • Learn to develop microservices


Learning Microservices development is a must when it comes to spring development. Many types of Microservices are needed on an app, which basically take the place of the full-fledged services called monolith architecture. These services include gateways like payment gateways, DevOps like Docker, and DevOps clouds like AWS. 


With the above roadmap, you can learn Spring Boot very quickly. Whether you need to learn it as a student or to give an interview, this approach is best for all. However, to completely master of Spring Boot from scratch, so you should enroll in the best Spring Boot course


How do you choose the best Spring Boot course?


Choosing the best Spring Boot course is essential, as enrolling in the wrong one will lead to a waste of your money and time. So, there are some factors that you should consider while choosing the best Spring Boot course for yourself. 

  • Length of the course

The length of the course should not be concise. There should be enough explanation of all the components. 

  • Certificate

A certificate of completion should be included with the course. Moreover, you should also see if the organization by which the course is offered is a renowned one. 

  • Mentors of the course

Since these courses are about acquiring skills, it would be best for the mentors to belong to the industry rather than a teacher with hands-on experience. 


These are the three main factors to consider when choosing the best Spring Boot course. There are other factors, like the price, but it would be great to keep it as a secondary consideration. 


Best Spring Boot Course Online by Coding Ninjas


If you are looking for a course where you can learn Spring Boot from scratch or want a course that can help you with your interview preparation, you can go with this best Spring Boot course online by Coding Ninjas. The features of this course are best for both students and working professionals. 


You get 140+ hours of content where you'll learn everything in detail. Moreover, you also get guided projects in the course, which makes it best to get hands-on experience. 


Furthermore, if you are a working professional or regular college-going student, you can schedule the course accordingly and avail yourself of a 60-day break if needed. 


With the certificate of completion, this course becomes the best Spring Boot course available online. 


How to use multiple Inheritance in Java?


Unlike other Object-oriented languages, multiple Inheritance in Java isn't directly supported. So, to achieve multiple Inheritance in Java, you must first create interfaces that can be considered like a class with variables and other class components. After creating the interfaces, you can create a setup like Multiple Inheritance in Java. 




Learning Spring Boot to make a career out of it is absolutely the right decision. With the increasing internet use, web applications are also getting popular. However, your path of learning should be right. Otherwise, you may end up wasting your time and resources. The above-listed course by Coding Ninjas is a great way to learn Spring Boot, as it has everything you need to master it. 


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