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Best Way to Test Plastic Container Compressive Strength

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For manufacturers, downsizing or lightening is a major concern when combining projects to lower the cost of production. This should be possible by reducing the amount of raw materials used in the assembly process. In any event, it is also evident that using less material doesn't necessarily indicate that a holder is of inferior quality and would typically implode or fail over its lifespan. Top Load Testing on materials such as jars, PET jugs, preforms, plastic containers, and related materials can be used to determine the nature of the containers. It is one of the incredibly precise test methods that accurately determines the truthfulness and various features of the compartment.

Manufacturers of plastic jars and containers should make sure their products can withstand the regular forces that they will encounter while being covered or stacked in storage.

Top Load Tester Standard Operating Procedure

The Top Load Tester is designed in accordance with numerous public and international standard test methodologies that are recommended by many normalising experts. By calculating the top load strength of the materials, the integrity, thickness, and composition of the containers may be examined. The test is performed on the materials by following a normal test pressure or top load test technique. How to do the test

  • Place the plastic container under test between the tester's two rigid plates.
  • Make sure the example is placed completely. Start the machine, and the pressure on the material will start to apply itself at a rate of 5 mm per moment. The test can be carried out on either empty or loaded containers.

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