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Getting a hookah pen is a great way to help you pass the time, especially if you got one without nicotine, which means you do not have to worry about consuming highly addictive ingredients on a regular basis. You can just casually pick up your vape and put it back down whenever you feel like it. In our experience, these are some of the best ways that you can enjoy your hookah pen without nicotine.

All Your Favorite Flavors
When you go to purchase your new hookah pen, the first thing you will want to do is pick out all of the flavors you want to try out.

You can choose all of your personal favorites since you know you will like them, and then choose a few that sound appealing to you when you want some variety. One of the best aspects of using a hookah pen without nicotine is that you can take in all of the vape juice flavors without having to experience the harsh feeling of a throat hit, which is caused by nicotine. Instead, you get to experience all of the flavors in a much smoother puff, which allows the taste to come through more easily and clearly.

If you are going to purchase a hookah pen without nicotine, you will absolutely want to purchase a handful of vape refills in different flavors so that you get to jump from one to the other and enjoy everything you have all set up for yourself.

Staying Home All Day
People often say that they love having their vape pen on hand when they have some time to themselves because they love being able to sit back and relax with a nice little puff. While you are at home, enjoying your leisure time, it is a great opportunity to start vaping. You are in your most comfortable place, so you should fully enjoy that. Sit back in bed, stretch out on the couch, or just pick a comfortable seat and lean back.

This is the place where you can really unwind and do whatever you want while you have the time, so you might as well bring out your hookah pen without nicotine and have a nice vaping session. Being at home also comes with the advantage of having access to all of your vape juice refills in one place, so you can go for any flavors you want in that moment.

Out and On-the-Go
One of the most convenient and accessible aspects of vaping devices is the portability, for sure. They are designed to be used really anywhere as long as you have the battery fully charged on them and fill up the vape tank with enough juice to last you the entire time. You can shop for some vape pens that are slim and small, so they can easily be slipped into your pocket or kept within one of the pouches of your book bag to carry around all day.

This allows you to reach for it and bring it out whenever you feel like you have some time to spare and you want to spend it enjoying your hookah pen without nicotine.

They can be very lightweight and easy to take with you anywhere, so this is a great option to take advantage of when you have a very slim, discreet type of device. You can vape as you go and have these nice little breaks with your hookah pen without nicotine while you are busy throughout the day.

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