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To get traffic on YouTube channel, a variety of tactics can be used:

Schedule your videos and upload them

Your completed video can be directly uploaded into YouTube Studio, where you can choose to publish it now or at a later time. The same way you schedule all of your other social media content, you can schedule videos using Hootsuite, this helps you to catch users at a specific time to get traffic on YouTube.


Here are a few scheduling considerations:

  • How frequently will you post? Choose a timetable, such as daily, weekly, bimonthly, or monthly, and follow it religiously.
  • Consider the most effective day to post for your audience. When do people tend to watch your content the most?


Enhance your channel to draw viewers

Although we've discussed optimizing individual videos and get traffic on YouTube, you also need to optimize your channel as a whole. Make sure your profile picture and channel art are consistent with your branding.

YouTube offers certain built-in options that make it simpler to increase subscriber numbers in addition to visual branding:

  • Create topic-based playlists with your videos.
  • Make a channel trailer that summarizes your channel's focus. This is similar to an advertisement.


You know how every time you watch a video, the creator urges you to “like and subscribe”? It works for a reason.


Ensure the following in your videos to get traffic on YouTube:

  • Request that viewers like, comment on, and/or share your video as well as subscribe to your channel.
  • Have a call to action that is obvious.
  • Get your audience involved.

Mention, for instance, how the current video was inspired by audience queries.

  • To retain visitors on your channel longer, use a personalised end screen to point them toward other videos you have posted.
  • Include closed captions. All of your content should put accessibility first, and captions should take into account that a portion of your audience may be Deaf or hard of hearing.
  • You can easily hire a captioning service to upload your own captions, which will guarantee accuracy.
  • Additionally, YouTube provides free, automatic captioning, but it frequently misspells words.
  • If you want to better serve a bilingual audience or get more international views, you can even upload translated versions of your captions.

Test out YouTube marketing

not expanding quick enough? Test out YouTube advertising to get traffic on YouTube.

The majority of YouTube advertisements are videos, although banner ads can also be placed on the website or within videos. Additionally, you may choose to make your video advertising unskippable or skippable after 5 seconds.

YouTube ads work through the Google Ads platform because Google owns the firm. In our guide to Google Advertising, we go into the specific technique needed to run effective ads.


Before you try out paid advertisements, make sure you have, in addition to the campaign strategy:

  • a thorough understanding of your target audience.
  • improved the visual identity and description of your YouTube channel.
  • Upload at least 5–10 videos so that potential customers may see your brand in action.


Try influencer marketing

The number of “creators” on YouTube is increasing yearly. According to YouTube, the number of producers making over $10,000 annually and those making over $100,000 annually has increased by 50% and 40%, respectively, over the previous year.


YouTube is a high-performing channel for companies, even if new social media platforms are always emerging and rising to the top as the “hot” places to promote, such as TikTok in 2021. YouTube is used by over half of all firms who intend to use influencer marketing to get traffic on YouTube.


YouTube is a well-known sponsorship channel for a reason: 70% of users have purchased a product after seeing it on the platform.


You can't enter an influencer partnership without doing some preliminary research, just as you would with any other type of paid marketing or advertising campaign:

  • Know your audience and your objectives; you are already aware of this.
  • Respect all rules, not just those set down by YouTube. Observe FTC guidelines when revealing sponsored or compensated content. Make sure your creator partner at the very least uses the hashtags #ad or #sponsored.
  • Select an influencer who supports your brand and whose work you know will be of the highest calibre.
  • After the campaign, evaluate your outcomes and determine what to do differently next time.


Nike's “What's Inside?” advertising campaign exemplifies what's possible when you allow your artist take the reins. The appropriately titled channel, known for slicing common objects in half to reveal what's within, produced a number of videos for Nike to sell a new shoe.

They cut the new sneaker in two in the series' most watched video, which received over 7.1 million views.


Evaluate and modify

To get traffic on YouTube you should monitor your YouTube metrics at least monthly, just like you do with any marketing. Use YouTube's built-in reports to learn more about your audience's viewing habits, favourite content, source of traffic, and other information.


Analyze your channel growth with analytics, too. Keep track of your figures each month for:

  • Views
  • Subscribers
  • Watch duration
  • Best videos
  • Time impressions on a watch
  • Your channel's click-through rate (CTR)

The standard you use to assess its performance each month. not expanding? When that happens, it's time to modify your YouTube marketing plan.


4 effective business YouTube marketing techniques

Useful methods to improve your YouTube marketing outcomes include:


Social listening with Mentionlytics

You may track mentions of your brand name or particular keywords across all of your social media platforms using Mentionlytics. The programme also provides you with a general Sentiment Analysis based on what others are saying. You may keep note of both positive and negative mentions so you can pounce with appropriate responses to both circumstances.


Everything on Hootsuite

YouTube Studio allows you to schedule videos, but why interrupt your (work)flow? All of your social media posts, including YouTube videos, can be scheduled with Hootsuite.


Hootsuite's dashboard offers you the ability to track brand and keyword mentions across all of your channels in addition to scheduling posts. Everything you need to do for social media can be done right from Hootsuite. This includes creating posts, running ads, reporting analytics, and you can save a tonne of time by answering comments right from your dashboard.

You can manage social media accounts efficiently and centrally with the use of collaboration tools that are available to your entire team.

Hootsuite can do anything else but contact your mother on her birthday. However, you can utilise it to schedule a birthday Tweet in advance. Just a thought.


For in-depth analytics, use Channelview Insights.

Although YouTube has built-in analytics, Channelview Insights offers a more comprehensive look at your data.

To analyze and gain views on YouTube.

With its recognizable interface for tracking everything from demographic information to traffic sources and subscriptions, Channelview gives YouTube a Google Analytics-like feel. For the ultimate Excel party, it supports several YouTube channels and lets you export reports as PDFs or CSVs.


For keyword research, use TubeRanker.

To get traffic on YouTube first you have to do simple keyword research, start with this free website. When you enter a keyword into TubeRanker, it suggests further keywords and informs you of the volume of searches for that particular keyword on YouTube.



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