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There are so many perfect occasions for ordering catering for your team. It could be to celebrate sales goals you just met, the end of a quarter, or someone’s birthday. However, September 14th might just be the best reason. It’s Eat a Hoagie Day and offers you the perfect opportunity to surprise your team, whether you’re catering Nashville employees or workers in any city that appreciates a great hoagie. There are so many good ways to celebrate National Eat a Hoagie Day. Here are four ideas to help you celebrate very underrated holiday.

Surprise the Team with Sandwiches

Some of the best surprises are also the tastiest. To celebrate National Eat a Hoagie Day, consider surprising the team with individually-wrapped sandwiches from a local restaurant. Your team will probably enter the conference room expecting a typical meeting but will be excited to see neatly-packed individual sandwiches awaiting them. Whether you hold an actual meeting is up to you, but your team is sure to love this surprise.

Find Big Subs to Share

What better way to celebrate than with a party sub? There are likely restaurants on your favorite catering service that offer 2-foot, 4-foot, and even 6-foot sub options. When your team members are munching down on their portion of a 6-foot sub piled high with turkey, ham, provolone, tomatoes, and lettuce, they’ll wish National Hoagie Day lasted a month instead of just a day. You can get your sandwich delivered in perfect portions or portion it yourself for a fun sandwich-cutting ceremony.

Switch It Up with Mini Sandwich Platters

Sometimes, you just want the benefits of your favorite food, but a bit smaller. It makes it easier to handle, frees up room on your plate, and gives you the option to try plenty of different flavors. A sandwich platter can do just that. When you find sandwich catering Columbus Ohio, and other cities love, you can get a variety of platters for your team to enjoy. This makes your Eat a Hoagie Day celebration just as versatile as it is tasty. Have your sandwiches delivered to a conference room. Set the platters up in the lunchroom. Take them to a good spot outside. The possibilities are endless.

Let Your Team Make Their Own Sandwiches

You can easily get your team involved to make National Eat a Hoagie Day even more special for everyone. The best catering services connect you with local restaurants and let your employees order their own meals. They get to decide what meat is on their sandwich, what kind of bread is used, the sauce packets, everything. This can help you meet diet and allergy restrictions and give everyone the feeling of a company-provided lunch. Nothing makes Eat a Hoagie Day better than your own personal sandwich.

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