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Best Ways to Stay Insect Free When Camping

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Camping can become a nightmare if you are not well-equipped to prevent insects. Mosquitoes, flies, ticks and a legion of other bugs cannot just spoil the fun of your camping, but they can also make you sick. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to be properly geared to combat insects in the wilderness.

Thankfully, there are tried and tested methods that have been deployed by the campers for a long time. At Camping Swags, we dedicate ourselves to making the camping experience mirthful and convenient. We understand how important it is to keep insects isolated and thus, we’d like you to go through the points mentioned below

Stay Far from Water Bodies

A campsite near a river or pond is definitely something that we’d all love. However, the pleasing site actually hides some troublesome surprises. From mosquitoes to chiggers and a whole of insects are found in new water bodies. You may also encounter biting flies and some nasty arachnids and besides all that, the dampness of the earth is a big downer for all campers.

Clad To Prevent Bugs

Shorts and vests certainly keep you comfy but they pave way for the insects to come into contact with your body. Wearing pants and shoes with socks is a great help when you want to ensure 100% bug-proofing. You can also use the clothes peculiarly like tucking in the pants into socks leaving no part of your leg exposed. And since you’re camping and least bothered about fashion, this style of dressing may not be a bad idea altogether. Of course, when you’re sleeping your quality camping swag has great insect protection.

All Types of Insects Repellents

You are already wise enough to carry insect repellent sprays and creams to apply to your body. You may also consider diffusers and coils that have a high quantity of solutions like pyrethrum or permethrin. You may also take it a level above and use bug-repelling bracelets that emit chemicals in the air that drive the insects away. They become a preferred option for kids and adults who can tolerate the smell of repellents.

Use Smoke To Repel Insects

We have been using smoke to drive away insects and animals since the early age of human evolution. It’s helpful when you are prepping the ground for a campsite. The bug-proofing process becomes more effective when you start it with fire. Once you get rid of insects through the fire, you can apply the sprays and make the place thoroughly devoid of bugs.

Consider The Natural Methods

There are many plants, vegetables, and fruits that effectively repel insects. Orange, lemon, garlic, onion, and plants like catnip and pawpaw have the properties that keep the bugs at bay. The crushed leaves of these plants and the sap of the fruits are very useful in warding off the insects. Thankfully, plants like catnip, pawpaw and wild onion can be found easily in the forests.

Keep Yourself Cool

Hot and sweaty skin attracts mosquitoes; thus, it is a must that you keep your body cool inside and outside. It is recommended to hydrate yourself and if possible, pour a bottle of water on the body if you’re feeling too hot.

Camping Swags makes your wildlife adventures easy and enjoyable with state-of-the-art tents that are crafted to perfection. We make you a smart camper with brilliant products and ideas.



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