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Best Ways You Can Grow Your Beard Naturally

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There aren’t enough ways to grow a perfect beard by using products. Most beard growth is determined genetically or by natural things like lifestyle, nutrition, hormonal changes, etc. But this doesn’t mean that you can’t do things that can naturally change the beard form. This guide will go over some natural ways to help you grow a full beard while using products like argan beard oil.

Diet and Beard Supportive Foods

It is believed that some vitamins can help in beard growth. A full beard generally lacks development because of a lack of nutrition. It is seen that vitamin D is needed in sufficient amounts to help beard growth. To get a good amount of vitamin D in your diet, you can try vitamin D-rich foods like fish, eggs, plant-based milk, etc. Other than that, vitamin B has also been linked to natural beard growth. You can try whole-grain foods, dairy, and nuts for appropriate vitamin B consumption. You can check the dietary value of foods before assuming the number of vitamins present in them.

Exercise and Sleep

Bad sleep habits disturb the hormonal balance of the body. The reduction of testosterone has also been linked with insufficient sleep. Over time the hormone receptors become inactive, and the body fails to produce new hair follicles. Another thing that influences natural beard growth is exercise. High-intensity exercises like muscle training, HIT, and athletics are linked with increased testosterone in males.

Negative Factors

Some negative factors that can damage the growth of hair follicles are drug abuse, alcohol, and smoking. Smoking is related to damaging the hair follicle tissues of the scalp as well. It reduces the capacity of the lungs to absorb oxygen, and thus the body lacks oxygen. Similarly, other drugs and alcohol also have a negative effect on the generation of natural hair follicles in the body.

Using the Right Products

There are some products that are believed to help moisturize, nourish and refresh skin from time to time. The best category of these products is beard oils and moisturizing products like shea butter beard balm. If you want to purchase high-quality beard management and development products, you can check out Babel Alchemy. This is an online store that offers a variety of products like beard balms, types of beard oils, and more.

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