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Beyond the natural beauty of Ladakh

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You must have heard and seen the beautiful and picturesque Ladakh, but did you know there is more to this natural beauty?

The culture of Ladakh is as beautiful as its scenic view. The main religion followed in Ladakh is Buddhism and thus Ladakh’s culture is heavily influenced by Buddhism. The people of Ladakh are down-to-earth and jolly by nature. They celebrate their festivals passionately and enthusiastically. The major festivals of Ladakh tour package are celebrated in monasteries. A special and unique trait of the people of Ladakh worth mentioning is their sense of community.

Ladakh has a rich culture and tradition and another amazing thing to explore while in Ladakh is folk music and dance. Chaam is one of the most famous dance forms of Ladakh, it is also called mask dance. Chaam metaphorically denotes the victory of good over evil. Other popular dance forms of Ladakh are Khatok and Chenmo. One can get a glimpse of this beautiful dance at any of the big festivals of Ladakh-Losar and Hemis Tsechu festivals.

Along with dance and music, Ladakh has spectacular Art and Craft. People of Ladakh create many artifacts for religious purposes such as teacup stands, chang pots, bowls, and ladles.

You'll be happy to know that women in Ladakh have great craftsmanship in creating Pattu, a cloth created from wool and drop spindles. One can spot unique portable looms here on which weaving takes place. Tourists usually buy the baskets sold in the local market made from willow twigs.


Apart from spending on your Ladakh package, we recommend you spend something on the souvenirs, which is like taking a part of Ladakh along with you back to your home. Ladakh has so many beautiful handicrafts available in the local market prepared by local artisans. Some of the best handicrafts available are:


  1. Ladakhian Jewelry
  2. Baskets and Bamboo baby cradles
  3. Beads
  4. Tibetan Masks
  5. Buddha statues
  6. Prayer flags
  7. Prayer wheel Ladakh
  8. Pashmina Wool products- woolen pashmina shawl
  9. Choktse (carved wooden tables painted in colors)
  10. Rugs and carpet


These are some of the most magnificent handcrafts indigenous to Ladakh. You can take these items for your family and friends. Some of the famous places where you can find these items are:

  1. Leh Main Bazaar
  2. Tibetan Market
  3. Zanskar Arts
  4. Himalayan Pashmina Shawls
  5. Dalai Lama Charitable Trust Handicraft


Other than these souvenirs, there are also some must-haves in Ladakh. Apricots are major fruits with unique taste and texture produced only in Ladakh.  Quick Apricot Jam, French Apricot Jam, Mary Berry Apricot Jam, Refrigerator Apricot Jam & famous Grandma’s Apricot Jams. Apart from this, the special drink of Ladakh- Chhang is a must-try. Chhang is a local drink, a Tibetan wine made from barley, millet, or rice grains, chaang is a delicious drink for all beverage lovers.


On your next Ladakh bike trip, try to notice these beautiful things in Ladakh. It is not just the beautiful mountains and scenery that make Ladakh a paradise, but it is the entire community and culture that are supposed to be credited for the beauty of Ladakh.








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