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Bhutan has a small but vibrant cottage industry. Traditional craftsmen use simple tools to make variety of crafts specifically designed for the tourist market for souvenir.

In your Bhutan Tour, make sure you check out the following for souvenir


The best know Bhutanese industry is textiles which has now gained some international recognition market. Bhutanese weavers use a variety of natural raw materials like yak hair, cotton, wool, and silk to weave distinct patterns that are used mostly for clothing.

One of the best place to visit in Bhutan to enjoy the glory of Bhutan textile is Lhuntse. Lhuntse valley offers wide scope for exploring the fortress, Dzongs , which house Buddhist monks. The other place is Radhi in Trashigang Bhutan where you can also see wools being dyed with natural materials in a steamy cauldron under a rusty corrugated iron roof with a spectacular view of rice fields, woods & clouds.

Textile would be one of the best souvenir from Bhutan



Coral & turqoise, set in silver & gold, are popular across the Himalayas. Other Bhutanese jewelry include silver & gold brooches, earnings, rings & bangles. The intricately carved betel containers are now going out of use.


Bhutan hand turned wooden utensils are an attractive addition to the dining table. Wooden bowls, plates and containers are made mostly by an artisan community in eastern Bhutan using pedal lathes on burlwood of prized wood like rhododendron and daphne

Cane, Bamboo

Bhutan is famous for its cane tupperware- baskets known as bangchung that snap together to form the container. The Bhutanese use this as plate to eat and as a container to pack food and snacks. Woven bamboo is also used to decorate wood and bamboo containers for alcohol and quivers.

Carved and painted wooden souvenirs are available in the shops, the most popular being the eight lucky sign. Hand carved and painted Bhutanese tables(Chodrums) are available for those who can carry heavier souvenirs .

Thangka Painting

Bhutanese scroll paintings known as Thangkas are stylised paintings depicting religious imagery. Traditional painters use mineral pigments and frame them on bright brocade backgrounds.

The grand thankas are displayed to the public during Bhutan Festival

Bhutanese Stamps

Bhutan's stamps are well known among collectors around the world. Attractive stamp albums, stamp sheets and variety of first day covers are available at the Thimphu General Post Office and handicraft shop around the country.

Bhutanese stamps would be a cheap and good souvenir to take to your family & friends.

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