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It feels like dropshipping has been with us since forever. Ever since eBay came into the picture, people figured out ever more clever ways to reduce the costs of running a business. To the point that many just did away with the need of keeping an inventory.

Dropshipping was an innovative way to sell products and pass the sales order to third-party suppliers. At first, it was as easy as going into a forum, checking what people were looking for, opening a few tabs to find the best deal for a particular item, offering it to the interested party (for a higher price), and then buying the item filling up the order with your customer's information. You didn't even need to check the product. Your job was to connect two people who needed each other and get a cut out of the action. You could literally start a business with less than 100 dollars.

Unfortunately, dropshipping fell into disfavor due to the influence of some bad actors who saw it as a way to scam people. But that's neither here nor there.

Dropshipping experienced a renaissance a couple of years ago during the Covid craze, but this time eCommerce platforms decided to get more involved to protect their users. This helped make the whole idea of buying from an inventory-less store more legit and gave buyers more peace of mind knowing that real brands are vouching for this industry.

One of the biggest players in the dropshipping game today is BigCommerce. The platform might be a bit more complicated when compared to Shopify. Yes, you do need to be a bit more creative when building your website. But in general, it tends to offer a lot more bang for your buck because of its reach, especially if you are working with a competent BigCommerce SEO agency.

Building your storefront inventory is a breeze, allowing you to build categories with thousands of products in minutes, and offering insane automation tools.

For example, the platform gives you instant access and complete integration to Modalyst, one of the big names when it comes to dropshipping apps. This automation software really gives your business a huge boost by removing the most tedious part of virtual inventory management. The plugin finds the right dropshipping suppliers and it even curates products so they get featured directly in your website storefront. This frees a lot of time off your hands and allows you to grow your business faster without so much of a hassle.

Let's Talk About Margins
Yes, dropshipping has become so competitive that margins have become razor-thin. That's why you want to have your dropshipping business hosted on BigCommerce. Their zero transaction fee policy makes a huge difference in this business as it allows you to have more wiggle room for setting prices, promoting special offers, and building a loyal audience. This takes me to…

BigCommerce SEO
Right now, BigCommerce offers the widest selection of SEO tools to help your site dominate searches. It also crushes it when it comes to multi-channel strategies, so you can be sure you will have a wider reach if you take full advantage of their tools. However, nothing beats having an experienced BigCommerce SEO agency on your side when building your dropshipping business. If you are serious about crushing your competition or need to increase sales volume, you need to get in touch with my friends at Genius eCommerce. They are a digital marketing agency specializing in eCommerce platforms such as BigCommerce, Shopify, Magento, and WordPress. Visit them today and ask them for a free eCommerce SEO audit.

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