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Bigg Boss is one of the most popular reality TV shows in India. The show has successfully completed 16 seasons and has been a favorite among the audience since its inception in 2006. Every year, the show attracts millions of viewers and has become a cultural phenomenon in the country. The upcoming season Bigg boss 17 voot, is already creating a buzz in the entertainment industry, and fans are eagerly waiting for its premiere. In this article, we will discuss all the details about the upcoming season and what we can expect from it.

Host and Start Date:

The host of Bigg Boss 17 is yet to be officially announced, but there are speculations that Salman Khan will continue to host the show, as he has done for the past few seasons. Salman Khan is undoubtedly one of the biggest reasons behind the show's massive success, and his presence on the show has become synonymous with Bigg Boss.

As for the start date, there is no official announcement yet, but it is expected to premiere in the last quarter of 2023. The show usually airs for 100 days, and we can expect it to follow the same format this year.


The most exciting aspect of Bigg Boss is undoubtedly its contestants. The show has always managed to attract a diverse range of participants, from celebrities to commoners. The producers of the show are always tight-lipped about the contestants until the premiere, but rumors and speculations about the potential contestants have already started doing the rounds on social media.

This year, we can expect a mix of celebrities and commoners, just like the previous seasons. The producers are looking for contestants who are entertaining, controversial, and can keep the audience engaged throughout the season. We can expect to see actors, social media influencers, reality TV stars, and even some politicians on the show this year.

Format and Rules:

Bigg Boss follows a unique format that sets it apart from other reality shows. The contestants are locked inside a house, where they are constantly monitored by cameras. They are not allowed to use any electronic devices or have any contact with the outside world. The contestants have to perform various tasks and challenges to earn their basic necessities, like food and water.

Every week, the contestants nominate each other for eviction, and the viewers get to vote for their favorite contestant to save them from elimination. The contestant with the least number of votes gets evicted from the show. The show also has a wildcard entry system, where new contestants are introduced mid-season to shake things up.

What to Expect from Bigg Boss 17?

Bigg Boss 17 promises to be bigger and better than ever before. The producers of the show have always managed to keep the audience engaged by introducing new twists and turns every season. Here are some things that we can expect from the upcoming season:

1. More Celebrities: Bigg Boss is known for its celebrity contestants, and we can expect more of them this year. With the rise of social media, more and more celebrities are looking to boost their image and gain more followers by appearing on reality TV shows.

2. Controversies Galore: Bigg Boss has always been a platform for controversy, and we can expect the same this year. With the diverse range of contestants, there are bound to be clashes and arguments, which will keep the audience engaged.

3. New Tasks and Challenges: Bigg Boss is famous for its tasks and challenges, and we can expect new and innovative tasks this year. The producers of the show are always looking for ways to keep the audience engaged, and we can expect some exciting challenges this season.

4. Wildcard Entries: The wildcard entry system is always a hit with the audience,


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