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Bike Touring Panniers: Tips And Tricks On Selecting The Right Ones

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So you heard about Ortlieb bike panniers but wish to know a little more about the available options. Panniers is one of the most crucial accessories especially if you are on a bicycle tour. Usually, bicycle touring bags are small in terms of space and holding capacity and you can’t afford to purchase bigger size bags as that would be a shortcut to carrying unnecessary weight. Therefore, you need to be a little more careful about choosing the right kind of pannier bag for your bike. Here are a few noteworthy points that need special mention in this context:


  • Capacity: One of the first features that needs to be checked with respect to back panniers is the capacity. Leading options like Orlieb back roller panniers carry an edge in this segment for offering the highest holding capacity within a small size. But to select the best option you need to understand the difference between indicated capacity and real capacity. Usually, if a pannier bag has an indicated capacity of 60 liters, it is obvious that its real holding capacity will be around 30 liters. The standard capacity recommended for touring purposes is 40 liters especially if you are planning to visit a cold, rainy terrain. So, choose accordingly.



  • Material: While choosing the bag ensure that it is carved from waterproof material or comes with a waterproof bag cover. The most preferred fabric for this purpose is nylon fabric that is wrapped in polyurethane that turns the normal bag into a waterproof one. But this material has poor resistance to abrasion. Cordura, on the other hand, offers strong resistance to abrasion but not so much against water. A better idea is to look at bags with polyurethane covering internally.


  • Rack Connections: Last but not the least, a good pannier needs to have decent rack connections. Check that the bag not only has good connections but also carries some luggage rack compatibility. The cheaper products come with velcro or cloth connections that aren’t that stable. Make sure you check that before finalizing the purchase.


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