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Biography of female emperor Qiying

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Listen to the bad guys! “Of course I won't listen to them” said the child He straightened his chest Facing the big sweat he said “Dad teaches” Taught me not to give in to bad people You are so fierce to my father You are a bad man! Khan's face sank but then he said with a smile “What a clever boy! It's a pity that you are too young to understand” I really meant well to your father All right Ma Yizan you pull the child away and let me talk to his father The child didn't want to go away but how could he resist Ma Yizan “Don't embarrass Electronic Chemicals this child” said Wu Xuanshuang Will personally The child took it and said in a low voice “Good boy don't make any noise” The child really listened to her and was obedient Snuggle up to her Li Yiru in the dream feel very strange how can Wu Xuanshuang become a princess Why did Miner listen to her He bit his tongue and it hurt It wasn't a dream but how could he explain all these strange things But the situation is over In spite of the mystery he had a belief in his heart that Wu Xuanshuang would never betray his country and go over to the enemy and that she would never have anything for herself Bad heart Sweat poured a glass of wine and said to the maid beside him “You wipe the blood off his face and invite him to drink another glass of wine” Li Yi wearing handcuffs and shackles had to be at her mercy and the maid gently wiped his face with a wet silk scarf After that suddenly found Li Yi radiant as if a new person! The maid of honor was taken aback “Take his beard” she cried Pull it out! As soon as the maid dared to pull Li Yi's beard fell off and the Turk Khan laughed and said “That's right” Sure enough it's His Royal Highness Li of the Tang Dynasty How skillfully you refitted it! It turned out that the Great Khan had hidden a portrait of Li Yi which was Wu Chengsi The emissary Feng Muye gave it to him so he asked the maid to wipe the makeup off Li Yi's face and compare it with the drawing Whether it matches Li Yi said proudly “a real man does not change his name nor does he change his surname I am Li Yi so I can meet you again” What's the harm “I admire your courage” said the Great Khan “I'd like to invite you to have a glass of wine to refresh yourself” Li Yi expects that he still wants profits With oneself so as not to poison the wine he opened his mouth and drank up the good wine sent by the official woman “Big” he said in a loud voice Husbands are not afraid of mountains swords and trees nor of wine and sweet words What other tricks do you have Sweat stretched out his thumb and said “Well that's true” A man I'm going to use a man like you! Li Yi snorted and said “The likes of Wu Chengsi can be used by you but I Li Yi am not that kind of person” “Let's talk slowly” said the Great Khan You said don't give in to bad people That's a good thing Let me ask you Wu Ze God is she a bad person Li Yi took one look at Wu Xuanshuang thought for a long time and said “Is she a bad person I can't break it” Set “At least she's always your enemy” said Khan “Yes” said Li Yi China Chemicals Suppliers “she has usurped the throne of my family Ran is my enemy! The Great Khan of the Turks laughed “What are you laughing at” Asked Li Yi “Laugh at you for not knowing good or bad” said the Great Khan Li Yi raised his eyebrows and said “What about me” Don't you know how bad it is The Great Khan said “Wu Zetian robbed the land of the Tang Dynasty and you admitted that she was your enemy Now I To attack her that is to help you defeat your enemy we should be the same enemy but why are you against me This Don't you know what's good and what's bad “Shut up!” Li Yi shouted “Why am I wrong” Asked the Great Khan Li Yi said calmly Of course That's wrong! Even if our surname Li and surname Wu fight for rivers and mountains that is also our Chinese fight for China's rivers and mountains and you What's up In the name of your crusade against Wu Zetian you clearly want to seize the colorful world of the Tang Dynasty Every son of the Tang Dynasty People should hold a thousand Ge to resist the state not to mention I am the prince of the Tang Dynasty! When Wu Xuanshuang heard what he said he was greatly relieved He thought “Although he still has the idea of one family he is right” The major issues of right and wrong can be seen very clearly No wonder my aunt wanted to invite him back ” The Great Khan of the Turk was stunned for a moment He changed his face and said coldly “So that's what you did” Is it against me Li Yi said angrily “If you want to seize the land of the Tang Dynasty shouldn't I oppose you” Sweat suddenly “You're still wrong” he laughed! Don't forget that Wu Zetian has already changed the name of the Tang Dynasty You know Why did I ask you to Electronic Chemicals come “It can't be a good thing can it” Li Yi sneered The Great Khan laughed So I say you are wrong! You are always suspicious of me Do you know that I want to give you the throne of the Chinese emperor It's exciting It is the taste of benevolence and righteousness I will help you after you get rid of the evil spirits who dare to make women emperors in China and overthrow Wu Zetian To be the emperor the Tang Dynasty will unify the country and you will be in charge of everything What else do you want Don't you think this is a great good thing Li Yi said with a sneer “If you talk like this you'll have to fool a three-year-old child!”! Hum hum maybe cheat a three-year-old child Can't be fooled! You made a reckless move but it turned out to be to ask me to be the emperor Ha ha! Don't you want to get some benefits You Why should you sacrifice your Turkic soldiers for my sake The Great Khan looked askance and answered “Yes that's a good question!”! If I don't want a little benefit no wonder you Don't believe Ok I will tell you I just want China to be my vassal state the people of China still And you're in charge Have you not benefited more than I have Li Yi looked up to the sky and laughed and said “Khan you're wrong I Li Yi am not an emperor” “Frightened” said the Great Sweat Don't you want the throne of the emperor What do you want “I'm Chinese” said Li Yi “I live in your country I hope to see you” The two countries are in harmony All I want is to ask you to stop fighting Khan snorted and said “You are really unappreciative If you think it over don't regret it” Li Yi said loudly “I didn't want to be an emperor so why should I regret it” If you want to fight hit a stone with an egg it's not me but you! You think Is it clear 。 globalchemmall.com


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