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Biohacking Secrets is made for those who want toBiohackingSecrets Review‘hack' their mind & body with the use of modern technology to improve their quality of life.What would you say the top 3 characteristics of a wise man or woman are? Proverbs scripture certainly states what the wise is not–simple, a fool, or a sluggard. Well what does Proverbs scripture have to say about the characteristics of one who is wise? When describing the wise, Proverbs often explore the relationship of wisdom to wealth.

Certainly, if you want to identify one characteristic of a wise man, look at the way he handles money. Though wealth wisdom is not discerned by how much money is stashed in the bank. Wisdom is discerned according to how wealth is acquired and used. Wealth Wisdom is discerned by the attitude of the wise towards money, how one thinks about money and how one relates to money.

When you look at the attitude of society today, their thoughts and how they relate to money it seems society think money is everything. The attitude of society gives an impression and expression that we can't live without it. In Luke 16:10, Jesus referred to money as a very little thing. Money is little when compared to things money can't buy. I once read there are a few things money can never buy. Money can buy a bed, but not sleep, books but not knowledge, a clock but not time, a position but not respect, food but not an appetite, a house but not a home, medicine but not health, sex but not love, amusement but not happiness, a crucifix but not a savior.



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