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What is BionicGym?

BionicGym is an electronic device with multiple applications. This device is built for those people who want to lose their fat without building muscles or without having injuries. This device is mostly liked by runners as it helps to keep their legs in proper shape. The device functions by intimating shudder in an intensive manner keeping more muscle engaged and you can use it with aerobic exercises also.

This electronic machine works by generating the shivering effect by producing impulses and stimulating the motor neurons located in the leg area to contract repeatedly. During this process heart rate increases and as a result, calorie burns with 4-5 times higher metabolic rate. Sufficient muscles are engaged actively with the electronic simulator. The most fascinating part of the machine is that it allows you to work freely without any greater concern. 

This electric device is truly meant for making you fit without any diet control plan and gym activity. Clinically approved by hundreds of users and tested by world-class laboratories with amazing results. It not only helps in getting you fit but also has a great advantage in training and relaxing your muscle without building muscles. You can admire this product at an exclusive price just by using BionicGym Coupon Code.

Advantage of BionicGym 

This electronic device has a great advantage in relaxing muscles and making your thigh slims and burns your calorie 4-5 times faster with a higher heart rate. It contracts sufficient muscles for a great effect on the body. It is simple and convenient to use. This also improves your aerobic fitness without and any physical activity. You can control the intensity via the phone app. This product is approved by the FDA.

The time-saving capabilities of this device are soo good that can enjoy all the greatest benefits of this device while working on your computer or lying on the couch. You also get great benefits while performing enduring exercises, while using this device.

BionicGym Products and Pricing 

The BionicGym is available in two options. The Standard BionicGym is for moderate levels of exercising which is equivalent to jogging. Can be used in reducing weight loss and energizing. The BionicGym Pro + HIIT is developed for athletes who are looking for a more intensive workouts session. Each of these products comes with pair of wraps, a control unit, eight gel pads, a charger, and iOS and Android Apps. You can also buy these accessories additionally if you want them. The prices for the machine are The Standard BionicGym Machine will cost you $649 whereas Pro + HIIT cost you $749. All accessories prices ranging from $19 to $109. You can get a chance to save more on all these products by using BionicGym Discount Code.

Pros and Cons BionicGym 

Pros BionicGym

  • This electric machine is very convenient to use as the duration of this is completely dependent on the user.

  •  It can be used while working, lying on the couch, or playing video games.

  • Users can control the intensity level making it more comfortable by using the mobile-based application.

  • Also helping the user to improve their aerobic fitness without any physical activity.

Cons BioinGym

  •  The cost of the product is higher as it is still in research and development.

  • A little bit tricky for the first-time user.

  • Also, they don’t have any refund or return policy for the products or their accessories. 

  • It takes time to adapt to your body. 


This device is a game-changer for those who have some health issues or they cannot perform cardiovascular exercises. This device can help to retain your body fitness without any hardcore exercises. With time-saving capabilities, it can easily be set up within a minute after which you can do your daily routine such as working on the computer or playing the game.  It also offers a new dimension of exercise, for persons who cannot put stress on their joints. Giving the better result with very little mental focus. You can also enjoy the great advantages of using BionicGym Promo Codes on purchases. 

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