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Biopet Vegan Dog Food – A Healthy Diet for a Happy Pet

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Living creatures depend on others in order to survive. Animals require air, water, nutrients, and shelter. The nutrients come from the food they eat, either from plants or other animals. In the wild, animals must obtain the food they need each day by themselves, whereas the animals we raise depend on us to procure their diet. This constant need for food has become much easier to satisfy today, given the large selection of available products. You can buy seeds for any type of bird, kibble with unique aromas for your cat, and spoil your dog with premium treats such as Biopet Vegan Dog Food and Ziwi Peak Dog Food.

What Should You Feed Your Pet?

It highly depends on each species of animal. Pet food has evolved throughout  history  to the point where everything is available for you. Just like ours, animals' diet consists of two main elements: a base diet which is the primary source of food you feed them every day, and additions to the diet, which come in the form of treats, snacks, or supplements.

If you own a cat, you should revolve its main diet around cooked meat, mainly beef, turkey, and chicken, because cats need many proteins. As a snack, you can choose from a small fish, a piece of cheese, or one of the many available cat snacks. Birds need seeds and pellets, but also fruit and vegetables. Rabbits' diet consists of hay, small rodents eat pellets and fishes prefer flakes. Ask your vet or a pet specialist for help to know exactly what brand of food does the trick for your companion.

What is Biopet Vegan Dog Food?

To better explain the importance of diet in a pet's life, let's take dogs as an example. Owners know how difficult it is to satisfy a dog's appetite after he runs around and plays all day. The problem is not the quantity, but the quality of what an animal eats. There is food that focuses on the dog's natural diet, providing high meat content for protein, and Biopet vegan dog food , which relies on nutritious raw materials. Both these types of food provide fatty acids and work as a natural prebiotic.

Prebiotics are nutrients that stimulate the growth of healthy bacteria in the gastrointestinal tract. Dogs require prebiotics for a strong immune system and proper digestion. Fortunately, prebiotics are added to Biopet vegan dog food to boost the nutritional content and health benefits. Biopet vegan dog food also contains fatty oils such as Omega-3, which help with the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins.

Commercial Dog Food vs Ziwi Peak Dog Food

You might wonder what dog food is made of. Commercial dog food contains meat and its derivates, cereals, vegetables, vitamins, and minerals. So commercial dog foods should be nutritious enough for every pet, right? Well, while these foods are safe for your dog to eat, that doesn't mean they are all the same. For example, there are some differences between cheap commercial food and top-quality Ziwi Peak dog food  that should be addressed.

·        Composition

When analyzing the ingredients label on a commercial dog food bag, you might notice that meat is not always on the top of the list. Meat byproducts, grains, potatoes, corn, and additives are cheap ingredients for manufacturers, but they might lead to your dog gaining weight and developing health problems. On the other hand, in a top-grade quality air-dried product like Ziwi Peak Dog Food, over 98% of the ingredients are meat, organs, and bones from animals raised without added hormones.

·        Decreased Food Allergy Sensitivities

Your dog might develop a food allergy  that other dogs don't, which translates into your dog being able to eat specific dog food while other dogs cannot and vice-versa. Most common pet allergies are caused by gluten, grains, soy, eggs, and dairy products, and they manifest with symptoms such as itchy skin, vomiting, or diarrhea. For this reason, manufacturers of premium food brands use techniques of protecting the nutrients while eliminating bacteria to decrease the chance of food allergies. 

·        Healthy Skin, Coat, And Joints

Alimentation directly affects your dog's mobility and fluffy coat. Low-quality products may lack healthy fats and nutrients, which in the long run may cause your dog to develop joint issues and a dull coat. The ingredients used in Ziwi Peak dog food prevent these issues by ensuring a balanced diet for your dog.

Foods You Should Avoid Feeding Your Pet

It is a known fact that many people feed their cats and dogs with leftovers from their human meals. Human food, such as meat and other animal products in small doses, can be safe for your pet, but there are some tasty aliments you love that will make your companion very ill if ingested. Avoid processed food that contains artificial sweeteners, as they might cause the blood sugar level to drop. Too much salt and your cat will become thirsty, too much sugar and it will become obese.

Milk causes diarrhea, chocolate can cause vomit and chicken bones even death if your dog chokes on them. Caffeine and alcohol must be kept out of your pet's reach, no matter what species it is, for self-explanatory reasons. It's best to resume the quality food recommended for your pets, as it provides them with a well-balanced diet. That comes in different forms, one of them being produced without the use of animal proteins, like Biopet vegan dog food.


Animals have the power to help you and your family enjoy small things and improve your well-being. They bring happiness to any home, and because you love them, you want them to be happy. When it comes down to diet, you know how important it is for them and how it reflects on their behavior. You want the food they eat to be as close to the food they need.

As discussed, the food brands range in quality and ingredient sources, with Ziwi Peak dog food being one of the top-quality available. The final choice comes down to you. Take good care of your pet, feed it wisely and spend your time playing with it because it deserves the best. It deserves to be happy. 


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