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The BioShock game’s most hardcore players are familiar with the gameplay that it is not like other first-person shooting genres. Using sci-fi, horror and other fascinating elements, users discover the Rapture city of underwater along with its dark history. Unlike conservative veteran, there is an RPG progression system present that will support to enhance your abilities and armaments to better go against challenges.

In the game, the players can use firearms like shotguns, pistol, grenade, crossbow, grenade launcher, chemical thrower, and launcher. Along with the sci-fi plasmids powers, these guns are player’s primary technique of hunting opponent’s in the depths of the underwater city. As users progress through the game plot, they will notice plenty of power to in-game items upgrade stations that help to enhance every weapon’s effects.

Source:- BioShock: Guide to Locate the Weapon Upgrade Stations

Some of the upgrade benefits are enhanced immunity to splash damage, rate of fire and even boosted damage. There are twelve stations present in total that you can use only one time, available throughout the Rapture and every armament can be enhanced twice.

Besides that, check out the listed instructions to know the exact location of such stations in order to upgrade your weapons with ease.

Location 1: Farmer’s Market

Users will need to look at the bottom floor of the Winery Cellar for the first upgrade station. Move down from the top floor and reach to the bottom through the stairs. After that, find your way ahead and look for stations that are submerged partially in the Rapture by the water leaking.

Location 2: Neptune’s Bounty

The second upgrade station of the BioShock game is the location on the bottom floor of the Freezer. Users will need to move down through Fontaine Fisheries using stairs. Thereafter, the upgrade station will be in front of you in the game.

 Location 3: Fort Frolic

Gamers will need to reach Le Marquis D’Epoque and move down the stairs. After that, head straight and then take two quick rights before making a left in an open space filled with cigars and the third upgrade station. Get into the room of Sinclair Spirits, and you will find a door that requires a button to unlock it.

Users will need to move at the opposite side to fulfill the requirements to open the door with ease. After that, use stairs to step down and reach the third station that is situated nearby the statues and will start attacking and spawning endlessly. So, it is highly recommended to utilize the machine to avoid most of the trouble at the end of the level.

Location 4: Arcadia

Players are needed to walk through the Tree farm in the plot that holds the fourth upgrade station. Make sure to keep scanning the left side while moving to the Farmer’s market as the machine will be accessible from there.

Location 5: Apollo Square

The fifth station will be waiting on the fourth floor of the Hestia Chambers. Users can use the stairs to move up the fourth floor, where the machine is placed near the second room in the Atlas’s headquarters.

Location 6: Point Prometheus

The penultimate upgrade station is available at the southern side of the Atrium next to the dead Big Daddy. Gamers will need to locate the sixth upgrade station in the Optimized Eugenics near the Gene Bank.

Location 7: Olympus Heights

The seventh upgrade machine is placed at the Mercury Suites near the main square on the central pillar behind the elevator. Users can only access it in the apartment of the Sander Cohen if gamers spared Sander earlier in the gameplay. Once you got Cohen’s attention, he will conveniently open the door and permits you to move upstairs where the machine is available to the left.

Location 8: Hephaestus

The eighth upgrade station is placed to the southwest at the Hephaestus Core near the Garden of the Gatherer. Gamers looking through the office of the Kybruz will locate the eight upgrade station within the room. All in all, the locations, as mentioned above, will help to find every upgrade station. So, don’t miss the opportunity and find the areas to reach high in the BioShock game.


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