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Biotin has become a very popular supplement due to its many benefits, with the usual use being hair loss prevention and treatment. Here is how to find the best biotin tablets for hair growth

Biotin for Healthy Hair
Having a biotin deficiency is pretty rare but people with a biotin deficiency often show signs of hair loss. This has led many doctors to believe that biotin may have an impact on our hair, skin, and nails. 

One study in 2012 showed that women with thinning hair who used biotin for six months felt their hair had become thicker and that they gained scalp coverage. 

After discovering the possible benefits biotin has for healthy hair, many major hair care companies decided to add biotin to their shampoo. Taking a biotin supplement can potentially have the same, if not greater, impact. 

Why It’s Important to Take Care of Your Hair and Skin
Having healthy hair is more than just looks. Healthy hair is also a sign of health. Glossy, full hair is a sign that you have enough nutrients in the body to carry on all necessary functions. Dry, brittle hair can mean you’re lacking some of those essential nutrients. 

Our skin is our largest organ, protecting us in a variety of ways. It forms a barrier that protects our nerves, blood vessels, muscles, and bones. The nerves on our skin are how we feel things and help regulate our body temperature. Skin can also protect us from ultraviolet light and absorb Vitamin D.

Even our nails are important to our overall health. We use our hands every day. Nails help us grab things tighter and perform simple tasks like digging, itching, and picking. Our cuticles stop dangerous bacteria from entering the body. Like hair, unhealthy nails can be a sign of a lack of health.

What Causes Unhealthy Hair
To better treat unhealthy hair, you first must know what may have led to you having unhealthy hair. Here are some of the common reasons your hair may be thinning, dry, or dull: 

● Poor diet – Healthy hair needs a variety of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. 
● Stress – Studies have shown that stress can impact your hair growth, just as it impacts your skin. 
● Dryness – If the environment is super hot with low humidity, your hair can become damaged and even break. This can also happen from straighteners and curlers due to the extreme heat. 
● Moisture – Overexposure to moisture can strip your scalp of natural oil that keeps your hair healthy and moisturized. This is often why you’ll hear that people shouldn’t wash their hair every day. 
● Smoking – Cigarette smoking can have a negative impact on your hair health. 
● Excessive brushing – Brushing your hair too much can lead to hair loss. 
● Underactive thyroid – Hair growth can be impacted by your thyroid’s function. 

How to Find the Best Biotin Tablets for Hair Growth
If you’re looking for biotin tablets for hair growth, you need to find a company you can trust. After asking your doctor about biotin, look for a company that cares about its customers.

Feel Younger has biotin tablets specifically for hair, skin, and nail health. Their products are scientifically supported and are antibiotic free, gluten-free, hormone-free, and made in the United States. Their supplements are made with customers’ health in mind. 

Feel Younger doesn’t just want you to take biotin without being educated. They provide empowering and comprehensive guides on aging as well as feeling younger and staying healthy. They have cutting edge genetic reports from Genetic Insights that will help you better understand which nutrients are right for your diet based on lifestyle and unique data. 

Still not sure about biotin for your hair? Feel Younger has customer service like no other. A trained and knowledgeable customer service expert is available by phone or email almost every day — and almost any time of day. 

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