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Birth Chart: Understanding the Planets and Their Meanings

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The birth chart or Janam kundli can indicate important information about a person. Astrology involves reading and analyzing the planets, houses, signs, and nakshatras in a horoscope. A good astrologer has to comprehend the nine planets of birth chart correctly to make accurate predictions about someone's life. A planet can be a malefic or benefic planet depending upon its lordship and natural qualities. Here, we will broadly discuss all nine planets and understand when they can become malefic or harmful planets. 

  • Natural benefic planets: Jupiter, Venus, Mercury, and Moon are the benefic planets.
  • Natural malefic planets: Sun, Mars, Saturn, Rahu, and Ketu are the natural malefic/negative planets.   

The benefic planets give good results, while the malefic planets give bad results. Here, we can understand good and bad in a way that benefic planets make your work easy and give handsome results with too fewer effort. On the other hand, the malefic planets make you work very hard to get the desired results.  

Now, not necessarily the malefic planets will give bad results. Depending upon their lordship in the birth chart, they can give good results too. The same notion goes for the benefic planets. The lord of the first, fifth, and ninth house give good results, while the lords of the third, sixth, eighth, and twelfth houses give bad results. The lords of the second, fourth, seventh, and tenth houses give results per their placement in the kundali. The second and seventh houses are the maraka houses as well.  

The nine planets and their meaning

The navgrahas, or the nine planets, are the crux of Astrology. With the placement of different planets in the birth chart, the astrologer can predict the blessings and threats in someone's life. Thus, it is essential to analyze the planets in different astrology houses deeply.

The Sun: The Sun is the king of the planets, and its placement is important to see the status and vitality of an individual. It signifies soul, vitality, ancestors, father, ego, honor, status, heart, eyes, fame, respect, immunity, power, etc. A person with strong Sun generally enjoys good health and status in life.

The Moon: In Vedic astrology, the Moon is called the Queen of all the planets. The Moon rules our emotions, sentiments, mood, mother and mind, etc. Moon is our emotional power. It signifies mental power, prosperity, well-being, mother, happiness, beauty, femininity, eye-sight, mind, intellect, water, etc.

Mercury: Mercury provides communication skills, logical abilities, and intelligence. However, the strengths of the planets are important when judging their good or bad effects. Mercury under the malefic influence may provide poor results. Mercury signifies mental abilities, intellect, decision-making abilities, logical arguments, thoughts, speech, communication, and rationality.

Venus: Venus is a planet of love, attraction, beauty, romance, and relationships. It is the planet of all flowery, luxurious things and sensuality. Venus also represents wine and lavish meals. However, the placement of Venus reveals where our interest lies. It represents sweetness, artistic skills, love life, intimacy, sexual relations, love partner and gardens, etc.

Mars: Mars is a planet of action, determination, energy, and aggression. It shows our physical actions and love. Mars is called the Red Planet, which represents our assertiveness and passion. However, the placement of Mars shows how we chase our aims. It relates to our libidos and sexual drives. It is also a natural malefic planet.

Jupiter: Jupiter is the biggest/gigantic planet in Astrology. It is the most auspicious planet that represents wisdom, luck, positivity, growth, opportunity, and the good vibes of a person. Jupiter also represents spirituality, religion, and philosophy. Jupiter is the most auspicious planet as it signifies good education, career, progeny, marriage, and wealth.

Saturn: Saturn is a natural malefic planet representing miseries, obstacles, boundaries, limitations, obstructions, restrictions, and hardships. Saturn can sometimes be cold, harsh, and unemotional, making us learn through life's bitter experiences. However, Saturn always wants individuals to learn discipline, maturity, determination, hard work, staying grounded, etc. It makes us learn by facing challenges. 

Rahu: Rahu is a dragon and is a natural malefic planet in Vedic astrology. Well, it doesn't have a physical presence but a shadow. But it is so powerful that it can swallow the Sun and the Moon. It is a chaya graha that creates illusions. It represents all those things that are abnormal or unconventional. On the brighter side, Rahu can give unexpected windfall gains during its Dasha and send you abroad permanently. If we see the downside, it causes tension, fear, anxiety, immorality, and depression. In astrology, Rahu signifies liquor, drugs, smoke, tobacco, media, and films. 

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Ketu: Ketu is a dragon's tail. It is a spiritual planet and represents isolation and detachment. It is also a natural malefic planet. Scorpio is the exaltation sign of Ketu. Ketu signifies past life and karma. It is the planet that brings spiritual enlightenment leading to moksha. The Dasha period of Ketu brings transformations in life. During this period, the native becomes highly spiritual. Ketu also signifies hidden and occult knowledge. Strong Ketu makes you travel and settle in a foreign land. 





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