Black Widow Super Bowl Trailer Reveals The Story

The fans of Black Widow can celebrate as they have got the opportunity to view the glimpses of the upcoming film of Marvel studio based on Black widow. The fans will see the whole family of Black Widow in action as hinted by the new footage of the movie trailer and also some darkest and most profound secrets of the life of Black Widow will be revealed. Cate Shortland is going to be the director of this movie which will be based on the screenplay written by Eric Pearson.

The fans have already got the idea that they will meet some other characters also such as graduates of the Red Room, Rachel Weisz’s Melina Vostokoff, Florence Pugh’s Yelena Belova, fellow agents of Black Widow, etc. The storyline is set shortly after the events following Captain America: Civil War and the fans can expect that the movie will explain the character journey of Black Widow till her heroic sacrifice in Avengers: Endgame. Here, is some glimpses from the trailer giving important takeaways:-

1. The Freefall Fight

The fans got an overview in the movie where Black Widow is free-falling through an exploding base.  It could be speculated that maybe she is trying to rescue Alexei Shostakov and the building which has just been exploded is the prison Red Guardian. It first appears that the building in question could be the Red Room, but it may misdirection.

2. You Don’t Know Everything About Me

The fans could see in the trailer of Black Widow Super Bowl that she is saying “You don’t know everything about me” and it seems like a promise from Marvel that a lot of secrets is going to be revealed in the film. The secrets will, of course, be related to the character journey of Black Widow.

3. The Avengers Weren’t My First Family.”

The fans could see in the Black Widow Super Bowl trailers that Natasha Romanoff is considering a group as her first family which includes Yelena Belova, Milana Vostokoff and Red Guardian. This dynamic family has been given much prominence in the marketing strategy of Black Widow. One of the shots which shows that Red Guardian is claiming that the family is united again is very much important one indicating that Black Widow has a family before Avengers. Some other dialogues also confirm that she had a family before she joined the Avengers and Shield, which is a fictional spy organization.

4. Melina Vostokoff: A Black Widow

Melina Vostokoff is a Russian secret agent who is very much jealous of Natasha, and Rachel Weisz plays the character. Melina is equally talented as Natasha, but she did not like the comparisons made between her and Natasha and so driven by Jealous, she decided to become Iron Maiden. Iron Maiden is a fierce enemy of Natasha and wants to take revenge from her, but she could be seen as Black Widow in MCU also operating herself. It will be interesting to see the motives of Melina, which are complex and intriguing; moreover, she is jealous of Natasha.

5. “At Some Point, We All Have to Choose”.

The fans could see Natasha Romanoff saying ” At some point, we all have to choose” in the trailer of the Black Widow Super Bowl, and that indicates that she may choose this family, but the tone of a sentence is oddly prophetic. The fans could see she made a very different choice to sacrifice her life in the Avengers: Endgame and her sacrifice gave a shot to return the lives of all those who were killed by Thanos.

6. The Black Widow Family after the battle

The fans could see a vital shot which is indicating that all four of the Black Widow family will survive after the wrath of Taskmaster. If it so, then what is the reason behind the return of the Black Widow to Steve Rogers and joining with the secret agents. The fans may get convincing answers hopefully by the Marvel.

7. Taskmaster copying Captain America

It has been revealed in the comics that Taskmaster can mimic any action or skill once he sees and so he is adept in all types of abilities and skill set possessed by the superheroes of Marvel. The fact reveals that he has been recognized as picking up the distinctive shield of Captain America and his appearance very much familiar to Captain America.

8. The Two Black Widows appearing side by side

The fans could see two Black widows Yelena Belova and Natasha Romanoff standing side by side in the trailers of the Black Widow super bowl. It is indicating that Yelena may take the identity of the Black widow and carry on her legacy after Natasha’s sacrificing her life in the Avengers: Endgame.

9. Black Widow’s fleeing through a mysterious explosion

The fans could see Natasha exploding a building and escaping through the devastation, which indicates that the film is full of bombs and thrillers. The shot is one of the striking features that appeared in the Black Widow Super Bowl trailer.

10.Black Widow in Action

The Black Widow super bowl trailer has featured another shot in which Natasha is appearing in action and could be seen on the streets. She may be trying to chase any car and attempting to handle Taskmaster single-handedly.

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