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Although the protagonist of Bleach, Ichigo Kurosaki, plays the most crucial part in establishing the show’s overall moral framework, there are also several other characters that play a crucial role. Ichigo is the embodiment of values of self-sacrifice, and he often put his life in danger to protect his sisters Karin and Yuzu. His heroism needs little introduction since he is the protagonist of one of the most popular anime of all time. However, his friend Chad also plays a crucial role in setting the show’s morality. It is sad that his character does not get the recognition that it deserves even though he is quite similar to the protagonist and his friend, Ichigo Kurosaki. 

Chad moved with his family to Mexico when he was young but ended up losing his family there. The boy of Mexican and Japanese heritage was left with no one to support him. He then found himself in a dark place and was only able to turn his life around with Ichigo’s help. He went on to become one of the most inspiring characters in the series and thus set an example for others to emulate. 

After losing his family, Chad was sad and depressed and had no traits that made him seem like a Shonen hero. He was hurt and had no one to support him as he was dealing with his personal trauma emotionally. He literally had nowhere to go, and no one cared for him. However, he was not weak and had a strong body, which helped him deal with his troubles. He used his physical strength to make people respect him and decided not to be intimidated by anyone. Chad had a harsh childhood, and he ended up seeking validation in brutality, but as he kept fighting, he started feeling empty inside. Although he was strong now and people respected him, he knew that he was a mere bully.

 However, his grandfather, Oscar, made a positive impression on him. Although he was an older man, he protected Chad from other bullies. He set an example for Chad by shielding him but never retaliating to the attacks. It was an inspiring moment for him since Oscar told him that misused strength was no strength at all. Chad learned that strength should only be used to make others’ lives better, and it should never be used to force others to respect oneself. Chad learned that whenever he acted out of rage, he was showing the weakness of his character, and there was nothing empowering about it. 

 Grimmjow Jeagerjaques failed to learn the lessons that Chad was taught by his grandfather, Oscar. Therefore, in his pursuit of power, he tried to rule Hueco Mundo. But, eventually, Grimmjow failed and realized that inner weakness, coupled with outer strength, only brought distress and anxiety. On the other hand, Chad was saved by his grandfather, who understood that his rough life had taught him the wrong lessons. 

 Although Chad is undoubtedly not the strongest character on the show, his massive strength of character coupled with his physique helped him make a significant impact. His grandfather’s advice helped bring the deep-rooted changes that he needed and gave him a new perspective on life. Once when some bullies were beating him up, Ichigo saw that he was not responding and intervened. He beat up Chad’s tormentors and helped him. When Chad explained to Ichigo why he decided not to fight back, he was surprised but then explained that it was not immoral to attack someone in self-defense. Another crucial lesson made him a noble knight who fought for the innocent protecting them from their oppressors and never misusing his powers.

 Even though Chad had such a harsh childhood, he never looked back after learning an essential lesson from Ichigo and Oscar. He was never conceited about his powers. Even though he went on to unlock spiritual powers, he never took his duties lightly. When Rukia was going to be executed unfairly, Chad risked his own life to protect her. Although he knew that Captain Shunsui Kyoraku was extremely powerful, that did not deter him once when he had to confront him. When he almost died at the hand of D. Roy, he was humble enough to accept his defeat and realized that he needed to work harder. He took the help of Kisuke Urahara, his neighbor, for this purpose. 

Although some people might feel that asking for help is a weakness, Chad learned that this was not true. It takes humility to accept defeat, and that’s what he did, and worked harder to become better. 

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