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Blizzard confirms the in-game World of Warcraft store

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St-Michel: They're like the natural progression from Garrisons however we've done hours of WOW WOTLK Classic Gold effort in making them highly effective and integrated into the gameplay. Class Order Halls are in a way bringing it all back to the setting the game, where Horde and Alliance face off against the most formidable threat of all time and that's The Burning Legion. The classes all decide to join together. They gather these very personal heroes that we all are familiar with from the mythology and then take them into your fold to assist you in removing the threat.

Nervig: We certainly gained a lot from Garrisons. For the first few months in Warlords of Draenor, Garrisons were looking excellent. However, as many confirm, it could get pretty dull sitting by yourself in your Garrison for a whole lot of time. The Class Order Halls aren't exactly like that. The activities you engage in there are connected to activities beyond the Order Hall, and they have you sent off to perform other things.

Nervig: Correct. Actually, as of this moment, Pandaren and Demon Hunters can communicate cross-factionally in the present. In the event that Demon Hunters metamorphosize, they communicate Demonic. Thus, two metamorphosed Demon Hunters can talk to each other. It was an oddity where we were like, “Yeah, okay, that's good.” And Pandaren are always an oddity. They are neutral Pandaren and as soon as they decide to choose Horde or Alliance and forget about the other? That's why we said, “Fine, we're letting the line blur. Let Pandaren all speak Pandaren.”

Barriga The game we created did not have any sort of movement ability system for player-based movements, so it's very moderate in this way. We were required to analyze the game, the way our engine functioned, and make it do what an action game should do: double jumps, glides, as well as all sorts of fast-paced, almost twitch-based games. We didn't even know if it was going to perform.

There was a moment in which one engineer said “Well I've am sure you got everything you've ever wanted except the ability for you to change direction mid-double leap.” I was like, “Okay, well, I guess we're not going to be able to win them all.” Then I went back and tried it out and I thought, “What are you talking about? It actually worked.” It was almost a miracle that we were able to get it all inside the lab.

Barriga: We have basically gone through every system of the game. A lot of buy WOTLK Gold them showing their age have been upgraded. New PvP system, new profession system–one of the most exciting things is the way in which the process of leveling and experience works in Legion. The world is basically with five zones. Before, you had to choose “What are the two zones of low levels that I start the expansion in?” Now we have world-scaling.





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