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Blizzard is expected to announce the next WoW expansion

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Raiding will be WoTLK Classic Gold different in Season 4. Since there isn't a new raid to tackle, Blizzard is instead looking to improve the three Shadowlands the three raid tiers in use in Season 4 by increasing their difficulty, adding a new seasonal affix, and increasing the strength of loot drop in every raid.

Blizzard is expected to announce the next WoW expansion in April. This announcement's time of release (most new WoW expansions are typically revealed in the fall at BlizzCon in November, and launched a year or more later) leads many fans to believe that WoW's next expansion won't be coming until sometime in the first half of 2023. The possibility that Blizzard is currently planning more Shadowlands season to cover the remaining time in 2022 seems to confirm that belief.”We don't take these kinds of adjustments lightly,” Wrath of the Lich King Classic principal system creator Kris Zierhut said in a recent interview with a group that P2Pah was a part of. “They are based on the fundamental values about what Classic is about. We believe that Classic is about socializing, making friends, getting to know new people. To make this happen, you need to run into those people on several occasions, to have a chance to have a playdate with them and after that, you can play with them for a second time before saying “Oh I do remember that person that was cool at the time, maybe I should include him on my friend's list of friends. Perhaps I should add him on my list for people I like to create groups of dungeons with after you've completed a successful Dungeon Run. We want to emphasize social and we also want to highlight the importance of immersion buy WoTLK Gold and participation into life in the real world.”



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