Google is going to have a closer look over ads management

Are you aware of the news that Google is soon going to block intrusive ads in short-form videos? Monitoring adblocking is the most important step that chrome is taking. This will be done in accordance with Better Ads Standards.

The protection of the user's privacy and improving the user's experience are the priority of chrome. There are so many updates that have been done in the past and many more are to come in the future.

When a survey was taken to know the viewpoints of users, it has been found that the number of ads has been increased manifold in the present times. Therefore, it is the right time to go for various adblocking solutions for the management of ads.

Let's find the kind of ads that users find intrusive:

  1. Pre-roll ads- Such kind of ads are played before the beginning of any video. It could also be the case to have more than 1 ad whose combined length might be 31 seconds and the user cannot skip this within the first few seconds of ad- I guess around 6 seconds. This definitely does not give the best experience to users.
  2. Mid-roll ads- These ads are seen in the middle of any video. These can be in any number and can appear anytime in the form of a short video. And, this is much more intrusive than pre-roll ads because these occur when a user is completely into the video.
  3. Image ads- These kinds of ads appear on a video covering some of the portions of the display. It could be placed in the centre of the video or appear in the form of sections.

A piece of good news is that Google has given time to publishers to stop such intrusive ads to improve the user experience. If in that given time publishers failed to act accordingly, then Google will implement Adblock option to block/ban such disruptive ads.

In case any publisher wants to know the rules and regulations related to ad/campaign management, then he can have a look at the ad experience report where he can review the site status.

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Written by Adapex LLC

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