Python vs. PHP: Which Language to Choose in 2020?


Python vs. PHP: Which Language to Choose in 2020?

When it arises to backend development, PHP and Python web development are two of the utmost popular selections that businesses, as well as designers, make. However, picking one among the two is at all times a tough call. While a huge number of websites are planned in PHP, Python has been viewing a steep upward tendency in the past 2 years.

If you, however, are leaning to choosing Python over PHP as your language of excellent, this blog is here to clear all worries that you may have concerning PHP vs Python.

What are Python and PHP?

Python: Python is one of the greatest popular choices of backend programming. It is comparatively new and has vast library support.

PHP: PHP has been in the market for a lengthy time and it is extensively used even today. Facebook, for example, has its extensive backend developed in PHP in the early days.

PHP vs Python Performance Comparison

Ease of Learning

This is possibly one of the most important constraints to decide which web framework is to be used. If the programming language is hard to learn, there is no point in expenses time on it. Today, designer time is more significant than performance time for all practical purposes.

Community Support

 let us face it – we all scrap with bugs; we all face problems while writing programs and we all look for provision online at Stack Overflow and other opportunities. If a particular programming language isn’t well-identified and there is minute community support accessible, it is well to stay away from it.


Python outlines are powerful and multipurpose but offer limited choices. Python language offers a wide variety of frameworks that essentially performs the same function as for PHP language. There is a constant increase in the sum of Python frameworks due to improved usages of the language in plans. Flask and Django are popular outlines used by designers worldwide.


Both the web development languages are widespread, but now, PHP language controls 80% of the market. PHP language is used by many popular websites that contain Yahoo, Tumblr Wikipedia, and so on. Facebook too used PHP firstly before exchanging to PHP development. Read more….



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