Top android libraries to create unique apps

With the risingpopularity of android applications, demand for unique android appsthat can cater to multiple user requirements is steeply rising. However, with traditional java, catering to such demands can be quitea menace as java isn’t very flexible and has a complicated learningcurve to it due to its vastness.

So, as analternative, a number of libraries have popped up in the scene to aiddevelopers. These libraries help the android app developer inreducing the size of their code and aid them inducing unique featuresas well. Further, with the right set of libraries, a developer canincrease the speed of their app and create interactive UIs as well.This, as a result, can aid the developer in delivering an exceptionaluser experience through their android app.

Top Android Librariesfor creating unique apps

Integrating properandroid libraries can aid you in creating amazing and uniqueapplications. Additionally, if you are not familiar with theselibraries you can also hire an android app developer to aidyou in this profitable process. Because to build a feature-rich appand deliver a smooth user experience smart integration of usefullibraries is a must. Below is a list of few unique android librariesthat can be used by android app developers:

1. Gravity View

Gravity View is aunique android library that can aid developers in creatinginteractive UIs for their application. Because having a consistent UIis one of the basic necessities of an android application as the userexperience is directly dependant on it. With Gravity View you caneasily add a new dimension to your mobile app. As it enablesdevelopers to induce motion sensors in the application which canresult in the creation of unique UI that generates amazing userexperience.


Unit testing androidapps is a must to do bug fixes in the application before it islaunched. However, performing unit testing of android applicationscan be quite a menace due to their complex structure. So, usinglibraries such as Roboelectric is a must for performing easiertesting. This library basically handles infiltration of views,resource loading e.t.c. As a result, Roboelectric makes the test moreefficient by making it perform real actions that devices with Androidframeworks would. This makes its results very efficient.   

3.Butter Knife

Butter Knife is aview binding library popular amongst Android developers. Butter Knifeenables the assignment of id to any view in the Android applicationeffortlessly. This eradicates the need for unnecessary creation ofexcessive findViewByld. As a result of Butter Knife, you can easilyshorten your android code which can make your app run faster and helpyou in improvising your app’s performance as well.


Zxing lets you addscanning features in your custom applications. With this library, youcan easily add barcode scanning along with product informationmanagement facilities as well. This makes this application amust-have for creating eCommerce store management applications formerchants.

5. Glide

Glide is a newlibrary that aids in loading images efficiently. Apart from managingcrucial functionalities such as image loading and caching, itprovides support for animated gifs as well. Moreover, it can alsoprove to be an amazing aid for fetching, processing video calls, anddecoding. This also makes the scrolling process for any image listsmooth as well to improve an application’s UI.


Using androidlibraries can be a great way to extend the functionality of anandroid application. Further, these mentioned above libraries makecoding for android developers easier as well. So, incorporatingAndroid libraries can prove to be a great tool in the overalldevelopment process of android apps. 


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Written by Akshit rana

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