A Lost Soul

This is a post originally from my blog.

We are born in the era of promise, of endless possibilities, myriad choices.

We have an identity by birth. And no, that identity is not due to the family or caste or religion that we are born in. It is rather due to the country, the place, the time we are born in.

We have rights. We have the right to procreate, to laugh out loud and play.We have the right to religion. We have the right to own up to our faults and misdeeds and get the promise of reprieve in return. We have the right to protest.

We know no boundaries when it comes to friends. We know that we should know no boundaries when it comes to opening our homes and our hearts for someone different.

We have “Divya Drishti”. We can see and hear beyond the immediate.We have access to knowledge without any boundaries or limitations.

We have speed. We have flight. We have invisible wings.

We have an army. Yet we are not kings. We all serve. We all get the spoils.

Are we divine? Or are we just mere mortals who have progressed?

What do we do next? What do we fight for? Where do we go from here?

It lies upon each of us to decide.


What do you think?

Written by Choco


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