image is taken from the works of down town pictures


on March 19, 2009. © Stani, All rights reserved

filtered dreams sifted in baskets of thorns

what do i know, what have i ever known?

destiny delayed, held back by ignorance

repressed dreams, mixed up with painful memories.

memories of great days gone by, happier times

before this spiritual castration that is now mine

now at the twilight of my years, looking back

hoping against hope to make some sense of what i am now

memories, dreams, the past, whatever it is

all i have, all i lost on this ephemeral journey

need to find my way home

down on my knees, chapped, cracked knees.

ah! dying embers of repressed youth, sun setting fast

heart pounding everyday, blood rush, veins throbbing

too late now, or so it seems, to rise from the ashes

fading away, dying every second, missed opportunities.


What do you think?

Written by Stanis


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