So many nights, so many hours. Nights that lasted forever. Nights that tore into me and ripped out what little hope was left. I used to often sit alone on those nights pouring my heart out in a love letter to no one. Paragraph upon paragraph of useless words, tear stains on the paper, all in vain. Each letter was burnt and cast off to the winds. Perhaps off to find a hopeless dreamer such as myself.

I’d dream what he’d look like, the way he’d smell. The sound of his voice, the feel of his hands. I’d write out the words I longed to say to anyone who was willing to hear them. Played out conversations in my head with a man who’d never love me. A man who wasn’t any more real than the hopes that kept me living. But he will be real, he will come out of the shadows the linger and embrace me. I have grown up to be snow white, so what I bit that poisoned apple, he will for sure track me.


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Tortured thoughts