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Pictures are by the Beatrix —

I think these pictures kind of express what the world is going through at the moment. There is a pervading. all encompassing, feeling of lethargy! At the moment it seems nothing we do can take our minds away from the filth in the air, the filth of the recession, the filth of the accompanying depression? What can we do? Some hide behind a false sense of religion. I spoke to a fellow the other day and he said this to me ‘ My pastor has told us that we should never agree that that there is a recession, if we hear people talking about recession, we should cast it out of our minds, we are children of God and the recession cannot harm us?’ Is this blind faith, a false sense of security or does this actually work? I don’t know! All I know is the suffering that I can see around me, the sense that as each day goes by, the world we knew is coming to an end and maybe this is the dawn of a new era? Maybe not! The pictures above touched me a great deal, i have never being there (I have nearly being though) but they remind me of what a lot of people are going through now. When they look all around, the look of despair, the look of loss, the feeling that it is at an end, how can I go on? i wrote the little poem below as an accompaniment these pictures!

2009 © Stani, All rights reserved

Life sullied by unsated longings
looking for peacefulness in
checkered, skewed past
finding none.

Here I sit, life’s reject,
homeward bound,
looking to the east, to the west,
road nowhere to be found.

Search for a place
to rest my aching head, arthritic knees,
foul, mephitic odors assailing congested nostrils
drowning in the stench of my soul.

Cigarette in my hand,perhaps the last I will have in a long while,

maybe the last ever. Where will life take me next?

Where did it all go? The dreams, the plans, the loves!

All that I have ever had, will ever have, all gone away

My search for answers to life’s burning questions
struggling to overcome falseness.
So here I stand, on sinking sand,
where I sought a bulwark, instead drowning in foulness.


What do you think?

Written by Stanis


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