True Romance

The girdle of your squeeze,
The caress of your palm,
The sensations that arouse,
Have no spellings or words tantamount.


The way you play,
With your touch on my skin,
Leaves me yearning for more,
But still for now I will have to resist.

Your pecks, kisses and bites,
Leaving a blemish all over my soul
Nothing and I mean nothing
In this world for that could substitute.

Your making me excited,
Always taking my breaths away,
What more could I ask for,
Than to live and die in your embrace.

The sensitivities on my skin,
The neck and waist to be exact,
Whenever I find your finger stroke
Nothing more do I want than to surrender my soul.

Your descriptions of a love so strong,
Do not annoy me for even once,
But the feeling that if you are gone!
Arouses my deadliest frowns.

Romance in its true sense,
Truly lies in the part when our skins meet,
Just to feel your touch,
Is the most romantic breath-taking fantasy.



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