Beneath the cherry-tree

Beneath the cherry-blossoms-
I wait as always.
Days merge into nights,
Months die and seasons change.
Flowers wither away-
And bloom again.
But I keep waiting for you-


Beneath the cherry-tree.

Winter was early this year-
Christmas brought it’s share of cheer.
Vivian has grown up a lot.
She can almost reach the flower-pot-
Kept on my window-sill.
The cherry-blossoms disappeared from view-
But then again that was nothing new.
And I waited for you like always-

Beneath the cherry-tree.

Early in April the snow melted away-
As Spring painted the countryside-
In colors so bright and gay.
The cherry-blossoms were as pink as ever.
And Vivian had a mild fever-
But she got well soon enough.
So no need to worry my sweetheart.
And just like always I waited for you-

Beneath the cherry-tree.

It is summertime now-
And Vivian often asks me-
‘I wanna play the piano mamma.Show me how.’
I sigh and say ‘Sure I’ll,darling.’
But then piano was never really my thing.
It has been a long time-
Since that sad day in autumn.
When you said goodbye to me-

Beneath this same cherry-tree.

So come back home to me-
I am so lonely without you-
Don’t you see?
At times my heart fills with pain-
And I fear I might not see you again.
But deep down I know that can’t be true.
‘Cause you’ve always kept your promises-haven’t you?
So I’ll stand beneath this cherry-tree.
And wait like always-

Until you return to me.

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Written by Samadrita


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