An Year Ago On This Day.

An year ago we were here

And it was here you told me
You told me you love me
I thought I heard it wrong
I thought I would never hear
The sweet words you said that day
I thought it would never come
A day to take my breath away
And yet fortune smiled on me
Such a day did came, an year ago
On this exact day in September
The words of that day refuse to fade
Still echoes their sound in my ears
Still that feeling lives beneath my skin
Still lives that memory for eternity
That one moment crystallised
And I was never to be the same again
My life took on a different course
My destiny took a beautiful turn
My fate could serve me no better
That wind I remember touching
Said something to me secretly
I’ll tell you now what it said to me
“Didn’t I tell you she loves you Idiot”
Zephyr whispered slowly in my ears!


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